WiFi: The Technology of Choice for Innovation

- 7th Nov 2016

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Hillary Clinton, as a part of her Tech & Innovation Agenda, promised Free WiFi – in train stations, airports and other public spaces.  This initiative, as the campaign outlines has enormous potential to drive economic growth and improve people’s lives.

“Her plan will deliver high-speed broadband to all Americans, hook up public places like airports and stations—and enable them to offer free WiFi—and lay the groundwork for the next generation of the mobile internet and the Internet of Things.”  

The next elected president is likely to witness a new wave of technological expansions and will have to understand the impactfulness of tech on the economy.

“High-speed internet access is not a luxury; it is a necessity for equal opportunity and social mobility in a 21st century economy,” Clinton’s  plan states. “It means giving all American households access to world-class broadband and creating connected ‘smart cities’ with infrastructure that’s part of tomorrow’s Internet of Things”.

The fact that a presidential candidate is including WiFi as a part of the agenda, speaks volumes about how WiFi can play an integral role in shaping the fabric of our cities.

The European Union has also announced plans to install free Wi-Fi in parks, libraries and other public spaces across the EU within the next four years. This plan has generated positive public support and the Commission sees a high demand for the service in heavily trafficked areas.

Shaping the Future of Connectivity

Digital technology is permeating every aspect of our lives. Today’s “always-on” lifestyle requires access to technology and information at all times. As connected homes, automobiles and work spaces become a norm, pervasive connectivity will not only be demanded, but expected.

WiFi is the core infrastructure that can offer ubiquitous connectivity as well as enable seamless,  location based personalization – while being secure and scalable.

According to the WiFi Alliance, “Wi-Fi’s security, interoperability, and longstanding commitment to legacy interoperability make it an ideal platform for innovation – unlocking the limitless potential of the Internet of Things”

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Source: WiFi Alliance

The Growing Importance of Ubiquity

The potential of growing smarter, connected spaces supported by Wi-Fi is immense. There will be one WiFi hotspot for every four people by 2018 in North America, research from Wi-Fi provider iPass indicates. Over the next few years, global hotspot numbers will grow up to 340 million, the equivalent of one Wi-Fi hotspot for every 20 people on earth, the research finds. WiFi can provide pervasive connectivity, which is imperative to expand the reach of the Internet of Everything.

It is projected that there will be more than 5 billion connected devices by the end of this year and will grow to 50 billion by 2020. This rise in the number of connected devices and easier access to WiFi will help drive seamless connectivity, allowing efficient communication, personalization and engagement.

Connecting the Physical & Digital Worlds

The connected consumer shares and consumes content across a variety of connected devices, locations, and websites. Like the interactive and personalized digital world, it is time physical spaces became more intelligent and aware of our presence. WiFi can act as a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds to create unified, immersive experiences.

Leverage the Power of Collective Knowledge

In addition to connecting devices, processes and things, the true value of Internet of Things really comes together with the integration of data. It is critical to translate consumer behavior to unique personas and create a single view of the customer, regardless of the channel or device that they are on.  To achieve this, it is imperative to have a mechanism that collects location data real time, integrates data with existing knowledge, analyzes and converts data into actionable insights, which can be further used to improve an experience, service or a facility.

Our digital customer acquisition and engagement cloud, Proximity MX does just that, and more! Proximity MX can seamlessly unify location and online information by integrating with enterprise/CRM systems through cloud APIs to gain a holistic customer view. This innovative platform offers unmatched reliability and scalability, while leveraging your existing infrastructure investments in the best possible way.

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