WiFi-MX at Mobile World Congress 2015

- 6th Mar 2015


GSMA Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 2-5 March, 2015; If anything is making a splash in the world of mobile phones and technology, it can be found at Mobile World Congress (MWC). MWC 2015 happened this week and this time it was bigger than ever before. Several big launches and wearables, smartphones, tablets have kept the industry buzzing.. Some notable launches include Samsung S6 (and its hot brother S6 Edge), HTC Re Vive, Huawei Watch, and Google’s foray into Wireless Networks.

MWC is often referred to as the Mecca of mobile events. Over 85,000 attendees from 201 countries attended in 2014. The numbers are beyond 90,000 this year. Another sea change has been the way people experience and navigate inside MWC venue.

 MWC attendees instantaneously got real time information on events, agenda, transport options and exhibitors by connecting to the WiFi network through their smartphones and other devices. This was enabled by Cisco’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions Platform, powered by July’s powerful cloud based technology – WiFi-MX. With a beautiful UI and UX, the location based WiFi service enhanced the MWC attendees’ experience.

This hyperlocal experience allowed MWC attendees to quickly access the agenda and exhibitors list at Fira Gran Via. For the attendees who traveled thousands of miles to attend the event, the transport option provided in the portal helped them to commute across places. The real time app running exclusively on top of the event WiFi has truly revolutionized the experience for every MWC 2015 attendee.

 By the 3rd day of the event, data usage through the visitors WiFi network touched nearly 5tb. The number indicates the preference of users to connect with WiFi over their network carriers. This becomes a great opportunity to build location based indoor experiences and services targeted at users visiting convention centers, malls, retailers, airports, restaurants, resorts, etc. WiFi-MX allows buildings and venues engage with the visitor footfall, by pushing location specific experiences for their smartphones. WiFi-MX also gives the power back to real world experiences and physical businesses (brick & mortar) – The experience delivered over WiFi touches everyone who has a smartphone as opposed to other solutions where the prerequisite of having a native app downloaded and installed reduces the touch-points possible. Modules ranging from real time coupons, offers, social, product catalog, video ads, reviews, indoor mapping, forms, assistance are made available through experience zones created across venues. A simple, cloud based visual tool for marketing teams to create event specific mobile experiences, zone manager app for the store or location manager, user analytics and dashboard reports for IT and Marketing team members make it a powerful solution.

At July Systems, we are extremely proud to have partnered with Cisco to deliver this cutting edge experience at MWC. We are excited with the opportunities that this platform presents to businesses across the globe.

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