Why Digitize Your Physical Space?

What does it mean to Digitize?

In the context of location analytics and location based services, digitization is about capturing the digital footprint of visitors inside physical spaces to answer the following questions:

The magic of any customer experience starts with actually knowing them. Take any digital asset, be it a website, mobile app or cloud platform, its inherent advantage comes from an intimate understanding of customers and their past and present behavior on the platform through deep insights and data analytics ; an aspect that has always eluded physical businesses.

Not anymore

July Systems’ proprietary cloud platform gathers location data from WiFi access points and other radio signals available within the four walls of your building. Our deep insights engine powered by patented machine learning & AI algorithms provide the gold standard location insight that will finally digitize your physical spaces and deliver value at every stage of your business:

Why July Systems to digitize your physical spaces?

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