New Whitepaper: EU GDPR And All The Things You Need to Know

- 26th Feb 2018

Privacy, whether physical or online, is regarded as a fundamental human right throughout the European Union. In principle, individuals “own” their personal information and have to be informed when it is collected, how it will be stored and used, and when they might be affected by a data breach.

Formerly, different countries had differing laws under the loose umbrella of the EU Data Protection Directive, which dates from 1995 and has aged poorly in the face of social media and the mass collection of all kinds of digital information. This left consumers and citizens poorly protected, while many companies didn’t even know what was expected of them.

Such state of affairs is bound to change with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is set to replace the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) effective May 25, 2018.

Even though GDPR becomes legally enforceable in only a few months, several companies and other organizations still seem to be woefully under prepared and even cynical about whether they’ll need to change their processes come May. It seems like many still have little understanding of either the nature of the law or of the technical measures it requires.

In our new whitepaper titled – ‘An Essential Guide to GDPR Compliance,’ we examine what GDPR is, how it works, the benefits and penalties involved for anyone involved in data handling.

If you’re an enterprise that handles data belonging to E.U. residents, this whitepaper can provide an in-depth guide on the GDPR regulation and the best practices to be GDPR compliant .

July Systems takes both data handling procedures and fundamental security seriously, which is why some of the biggest U.K. enterprises trust our services and technology.


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