WEBINAR: Using Proximity Technologies to Help Enterprises Better Engage With Their Customers

- 18th Aug 2016


Personalization is the key to attracting and retaining a customer. Which is the most effective way to understand the customer and market your product accordingly? What if you direct your promotion according to what the customer wants then and there? This is where Location-based services come into picture. July Systems provides the most feasible solution for this in the form of Proximity MX, a location-based, digital customer acquisition and multi-channel engagement platform that enables companies to deliver rich customer experiences and gain actionable location insights.

Collecting customer behavioral data at their physical locations is critical to help enterprises to fill the current gap in their knowledge of their customers and to create a truly unified view of them. However, enterprises are often failing to fully exploit the marketing potential of these proximity technologies. To shed light on this, July Systems is organizing a webinar on August 25, 2016, 12PM EST/ 5PM London time. This webinar will explain how enterprises, and their service provider partners, can better use the location-based services to bridge the gap between them and their customers at their physical business locations.

Date: 25th August   

Time: 12PM EST/5PM London


  • Rajesh Reddy, Founder and President, July Systems
  • Nitesh Trikha, Senior VP (Products), July Systems
  • James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading