Turn Your WiFi Infrastructure From A Cost Center To A Profit Center

- 20th Oct 2017

Did you know that digitally connected consumers prefer WiFi over candy, water or magazines? It may come as a brutal shock to luddites but adaptive businesses are aware of how free WiFi can positively impact customer experience. Despite being aware of the upsides, some businesses are still hesitant about investing in WiFi infrastructure. They perceive this investment as a cost that outweighs the benefits, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Let’s look at how a modern enterprise grade network infrastructure with an added business intelligence layer can move from being a cost center to a revenue generator:

  • WiFi Networking Infrastructure has Evolved as a Data Source

There was a time when WiFi was just a remote tool used to provision internet access to all connected devices but today it has evolved into a primary data source for a lot of enterprises. Through your WiFi network, you can get access to double deterministic data – the location and the identity of your visitors. By virtue of its ability to generate a data trail, it automatically turns itself into a strategic advantage.

The moment visitors connect to your network, you can identify who they are, track their location behaviour and dwell time within your venue. At a time when most physical businesses lack insight into visitors who walk into their premises, knowing who your customers are and what drives their purchase intent can be a big competitive differentiator.

However, to turn all this aggregated data into actionable information, enterprises need to have a robust analytics platform in place.

  • Drive Business Value by Adding an Analytics Layer to your Existing WiFi Network

For a fraction of your total IT spend, you can deploy an additional business intelligence layer over your WiFi infrastructure. The analytics solution will not only have the capability to translate the data collected through your WiFi network into actionable business insights but also deliver contextually relevant and personalized engagements to your customer’s mobile devices. A robust WiFi analytics platform can also integrate itself with multiple other data sources to present a unified view of your customers and your business.

For those enterprises that already have an intelligent network infrastructure in place, the analytics platform can be deployed over it without incurring any additional costs for new hardware. Even the deployment time is significantly reduced in such scenarios.

Proximity MX: The only Enterprise Ready WiFi Analytics Platform

While there are a lot of analytics solutions available in the market, Proximity MX is the only enterprise-ready WiFi analytics platform with proven deployments across 1000s of locations. It allows you to onboard customers, gain insights, develop location personas and deliver multichannel engagement. The valuable insights extracted through it can be used to optimize operations and improve customer experience.

Proximity MX is a vendor agnostic location insights and engagement cloud that can be integrated with any networking infrastructure. It delivers actionable insights through a single centralized dashboard, the access of which can be configured on the basis of business roles.

Proximity MX also has the unique ability to map network infrastructure to business taxonomy, which helps facilitate a closer partnership between the IT team and other lines of business. The IT team which is typically responsible for only managing the wireless infrastructure can now establish a direct line of communication with the sales, marketing and customer service departments and provide them with business centric KPIs. CIOs of large global enterprises will benefit most by standardizing a single business taxonomy.

The Role of Wifi Network Infrastructure has been Redefined

As the network infrastructure adopts a more software centric model, it has the ability and the flexibility to align with your business objectives. While WiFi has shifted from being an amenity to an expectation for customers, it has also moved from being a cost center to a profit center for enterprises.

Due to its ability to collect data that can inform business decisions, increase revenue and enhance customer experience, it is no longer a drain on a company’s resources. In fact, it has evolved as a channel to establish a more meaningful relationship with your customers.

If you ever thought offering free WiFi was not worth the cost, you need to think again.

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