The future of Hotel Wi-Fi networks towards smart hospitality

- 24th Nov 2016

Do you know that a not so strong network in all likelihood is going to leave your guests grumpier, than probably a not so strong coffee served at your hotel..? Taking no risk with your signature coffee let us warm-up to the fact that today the need to stay connected has moved beyond the realms of a mere convenience to an absolute necessity and more so when one is on the move! The new breed of travellers want to be “connected” through the multiple devices they carry, because they value experiences over hotel luxuries.

09 Sep 2013, Calgary, Alberta, Canada --- Businesswoman using smart phone in hotel room --- Image by © Hero Images/Corbis

Undoubtedly as hotelier, a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure should be an integral and uncompromising part of your core amenities/offering/USP, if you want your hotel to be a decisive choice in the long list of competitors. So, it goes without a saying that today most of the hotels are equipped with the talked about free Wi-Fi facility. The catch however is, if this glorified free Wi-Fi facility is all that you need in your hotel to delight your guests with a world class experience, just as you intend or could there be more to it..? July System says why not!

Surely, guests’ demands never cease to satiate and keeping them happy might seem as a daunting task but Proximity MX assures there is no stopping by for you when it comes to delighting your guests. Proximity MX is all geared up to be that elixir that will redefine your customer satisfaction taking it several notches higher. It literally transcends your Wi-Fi infrastructure to a smart futuristic avatar, creating a seamless connectivity which in turn will unleash unthinkable potential.

Challenges: The road uphill

Before we take a plunge into the irresistible offerings/world of Proximity MX, let’s us first abreast ourselves with the transformation in the hospitality industry.  This in turn will bring clarity as to how Proximity MX is poised to take on these challenges headlong.

“It’s no secret that in today’s technology landscape, consumers demand reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi that can perform consistently and effectively,” said Jeff Eckard, Vice President of Technology, The Americas at IHG. “Our new survey demonstrates that consumers want better performance from Wi-Fi when they are on the road.” The survey further claims that the internet experience actually creates real value for owners resulting in a double-digit increase in their guest internet satisfaction scores.


For hotels to be a “preferred destination” for guests, hotels need to offer superior guest experiences by delivering a high performance, robust and fast Wi-Fi experience to guests. Doing so will allow guests to seamlessly connect to W-iFi for video conferences, live stream videos, in-room entertainment, work and the ability to relax anywhere in the premises.

However, an IHG survey revealed that 71% of guests stated they have encountered issues such as slow and interrupted service, or difficulty logging in while trying to access guest Wi-Fi.

Now, what makes Wi-Fi networks smart?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty and understand the finer nuances of the smarter Wi-Fi avatar powered by Proximity MX.

The answer looks simple!  “Smart networks that can know the guests at hotels and engage with them after obtaining powerful knowledge of what they want and when they want it.”

Engaging and delighting guests with relevant interactions in real-time is the way to exceed expectations and achieve a competitive edge. To achieve this, hoteliers needs actionable insights about their guests at the physical location – knowing who they are,  how they behave, how much time they spend in different areas of the hotel, what facilities are being utilized during their stay, information about their loyalty membership, their last visits etc.

Hoteliers’ at location knowledge of guests’ behaviors combined with existing knowledge of members in their digital systems empowers hoteliers to deliver engagements via services that guests value during their stay. It’s all about delivering relevant experiences at the right time and the right place.

As is typically said, “Things never get easier, but get better!” To make this happen, hotels require a completely integrated ecosystem on top of their Wi-Fi network — a robust cloud platform that combines location intelligence and context behind every engagement. That’s Proximity MX – a digital cloud for at location engagements in hotels.

PROXIMITY MX brings together the entire ecosystem of engagement cloud, network infrastructure and enterprise systems that help hoteliers to better engage with every guest at their locations

With Proximity MX, Hoteliers can

  • Transform their digital customer engagement at their location and drive customer loyalty by delivering compelling and targeted brand experiences across devices that aims to increase RevPAR (revenue per available room).
  • Engage with them in innovative ways by providing personalized interactions at the right time, in the right context.
  • Gain actionable insights on customers and their engagement patterns to create a strong feedback loop to act upon the rich profile of customer behavior.

Proximity MX is currently powering 1500+ hotels and 13000+ APs with over 1 million user engagements till date. You can also expand your customer engagement and re-imagine your Wi-Fi networks with Proximity MX.

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