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Proximity MX is a presence analytics, customer acquisition and engagement platform that integrates with WiFi network infrastructure. The platform works with multiple location technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth Beacons, GPS) to sense the user’s device, with or without an app installed. Proximity MX can engage the user with SMS, E-mail or push notifications or trigger a notification to the business user or system via API, SMS or E-mail. 

Proximity MX supports two way integration with enterprise CRM/member systems to allow association of users to existing records in the member system and leverage additional information and intelligence available there. 

Position data is mapped to the high level business identity of the user and is filtered to show behavior patterns and deep actionable insights. Processed, filtered data can also be ingested into customer BI systems for further analysis.



The rule engine is the heart of the location capabilities of Proximity MX. The rule engine provides advanced location data processing mapping user’s position to logical business relevant locations, tracking user’s movement, tracking visits and location events. The rule engine supports the following types of rules
Profile Rules
Used to build out user personas based on behavior of the user at one or more locations.
Engagement Rules
Used to trigger a notification or action based on user activity/behavior at-location. Notifications can be sent to the user or to the business and can be through one or more channels (SMS, Email, Push Notification or API).
Insight Rules
Used to derive specific insights for a target set of users.
Captive Portal Rules
Create smart captive portal™ experience to be shown to a user when they connect to WiFi


Proximity MX translates position information from the network/device to a higher level hierarchy of locations and zones. Location hierarchy can have business groupings like “EMEA Region” or “Tier 1” locations. It can represent one or more stores/hotels/venues/malls etc. It can also represented as a part of the hierarchy further subdivisions like floors and zones. It allows different types of business and functional elements to be represented in a single hierarchy. By mapping elements to underlying network infrastructure, location hierarchy can automatically sync changes to underlying network without disrupting the business hierarchy.
Location Hierarchy™ allows customer to define metadata against any level in the hierarchy. Proximity rules can then use this to target specific locations/users. Location metadata can also be used to personalize user engagement.

Logins can be given access to specific parts of the location hierarchy. This is specially relevant when customer have thousands of locations managed by several different entities.


Transparent whitelisting allows customers to offer users access to content from their existing mobile site as a part of their WiFi captive popup experience. The experience automatically pop-ups (on supported devices) when the user is connected to the SSID. This content is accessible to the user without requiring the user to complete the authentication steps for internet provisioning. Transparent whitelisting is designed to allow access to browser based external HTTP content without requiring any changes to the network configuration.

Transparent whitelisting can be used to deep link to location specific content on customer site, provide location specific offers and services, etc.
WIFI Beacon™ is July Systems’ patented technology that allows iBeacon type capabilities without requiring the user to have the app installed. It uses a combination of WiFi Captive Portal based on-boarding, WiFi location capabilities and SMS/Email notifications to create a virtual beacon experience that works for all users (with or without app). It will also seamlessly leverage existing Bluetooth beacons if available to further enhance the user experience from apps. In real world deployments, WiFi Beacon has a enabled customers to reach 98% of the users connecting to WiFi at their location instead of only targeting the small percentage of users who have the app installed.
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