Taking Omni-Channel Retailing to Next Level With Presence Analytics

- 12th Jul 2017

Until the entry of e-commerce, retailers had the luxury of sticking to conventional marketing campaigns like tv ads, flyers, and radios. Creating awareness was straightforward. The main challenge they faced was accessibility for customers, which could be addressed with opening more physical stores.


With the internet and e-commerce, retailers were able to expand their reach and create a presence online and with mobile apps. This was the beginning of the retail omni-channel experience. They took a multi-channel approach by providing an integrated shopping experience for customers. The shopping experience across desktops, mobile phones, tablets and brick and mortar stores would then seem seamless. By providing a unified messaging, companies use each of these platforms to engage and connect with customers.

Disconnect between physical and digital stores

With an omni-Channel strategy, retailers faced a new challenge in providing consistent experiences between digital and physical world. In the digital world, retailers get to know a lot of information about the customers which can help them provide a personalized experience for each customer. But, when the customer walks into a physical store, he doesn’t get recognized and doesn’t get any personal recommendation unless the staff recognizes them or until they enter a unique id at a customer identification point. There is no data captured, unlike their digital counterparts. Leaving without making a purchase doesn’t get tracked.

The disengage at the physical stores is a huge missing piece. There is literally no data captured in comparison to the scale of analytics captured at digital stores. From a manual tally counter, the technology progressed to better footfall counters, but it stopped improving from there. With presence analytics, the missing pieces can be stitched together.

Introducing Presence Analytics

Presence Analytics is a comprehensive location analytics and engagement platform that detects the presence of visitors through their mobile devices using access points. With an advanced platform like Proximity MX, the data captured from other digital media can be integrated to understand more about a customer as they walk into the store.

The data and analytics from the digital world is magnanimous. Imagine categorizing every type of customers, like a mom shopper, a fitness enthusiast or a gadget geek. As soon as one walks into the store, the staff gets a notification giving information that is subjective to treat the customer like a rockstar. From greeting them by their name to giving recommendations that fit their budget not only gives customers a personal connection, but also improves sales and makes the customers feel special.

Presence Analytics also lets retailers identify the time spent by customers at a physical store. Information like where they spend time at, how often they visit the store, average time spent at the store, repeat vs new visitor can be leveraged to cross-sell with digital stores as well.

Understanding the behavior patterns at an area will help the retailer identify a customer’s interest in products. This information can be later used to send targeted engagements through SMSs, emails or push notifications to grab their attention and increase sales. A best practices guide can be predefined to help the staff at the store for each category of customers, taking the omnichannel experience a level higher.


Proximity MX helps retailers gain actionable insights on customer behavior using existing WiFi or Beacon infrastructure. Request for a free demo by clicking the below button to learn how Proximity MX can help you gain customer insights and engage with them real-time.