Push Messages! Pushing you away from your customers?

- 16th Dec 2016


What are Push messages? Are they any different than the usual text messages? Can it take on, its not so famous image of being too pushy, intervening, showing up now and then not to forget bombarding your mobile devices…? And above all, what customers say and feel about it?

Push Messages, The Game Changer!

Push messages are the small pop-ups that you see lined up in the status bar of your mobile devices, sent out from an application installed on the devices, specifically when the app is not actively in use. Powered by a unique Opt-in feature; it is hailed as a game changer when it comes to digital advertising and marketing.  It literally transcended the power of choice into the hands of the customers. Now, the customer decides if you can reach out to them or not with your offerings. And, if you have succeeded in this initial battle, then what lies for you ahead is a plethora of opportunities as well as the onus to keep on the trust!

Texting to push messaging

Be it Push messaging, SMS, or for that matter E-mail, all these are communication techniques meant to involve and engage your customers in the most efficient way possible. The idea is to strike a delicate balance amongst these choices to get the right message across to the right customer at the right time instigating actions that lead to revenue generation for your business. Push messaging is gaining precedence when it comes to intimating customers of any time specific scenarios, like an alert on any offers, events, or activities. Some brownie point that it scores over the traditional messaging can be enumerated as:

  • Being free and unlimited!
  • The Opt-in & Opt-out option is the USP. It allows the customers to abandon or choose you anytime. It helps marketers with a quick reality check of their initiatives. Promotes branding and readily engages customers, of course, if you don’t go overboard.
  • Easy and creative way to attract new customers and reward the patrons and keep them coming back.

The trend

Even though push messages are sent to the people with their consent, they continue to be an uninvited and intruding visitor on their mobile devices or at least that’s the perception it is reeling under! A survey conducted by Research Now says “Over 50% of App Users Find Push Notifications Annoying”. With a startling statistic as this, and users uninstalling the apps quite frequently, it is difficult for marketers across the industry to remain positive about their mobile marketing strategies which primarily are app centric and ubiquitously linked to engaging customers through messaging. However, it would be quite naïve to ignore the remaining 50% of the population, showing a positive and promising response to this trend. Of these, 26% customers are grateful for on time alerts pertaining to their areas of interest and more than 20 % feel that because of these alerts they don’t have to launch the app frequently. For this segment, push messages, save their time and keep them posted simultaneously. Indeed, there is a lot of scope of bridging the gap between the people who think these messages are helpful and the ones who are reluctant to allow these messages to make way to their mobiles. There’s a lot of scope of deciphering what is going right and not so right in this equation of fifty-fifty!

Are you sensitive to what customers want?

An insight into the two diametrically opposite trends towards push messaging was found to be industry specific to a great extent. For instance, push opt-in rates for ride-sharing apps was riding high at 79% whereas that of social media was at stooping low at 39%. Here is the data, showcasing mobile users’ response to push messaging across the different industry. Android devices don’t ask the user for push permission

The message is loud and clear; the people are open to push messages if it is relevant, add value and well timed. However, they are just not fine with marketers dumping any and every kind of message on to their devices for the sake of mere promotion! 35% of push messages are very generic in nature. Consequently, these messages carry no relevance, value, or meaning to the receiver. This hampers the credibility of push messaging lending it an air of undesirability!

Time to get Personal!

The solution is to bid adieu to a fragmented digital messaging system and embrace the new age customer-focused and integrated messaging concept. Understanding your customer across multiple devices and medium is imperative, and personalization is the key mantra here. And, why so? Because unlike the web, mobile is a personal device and you are communicating with the customers in the real time and ignoring this critical fact, while designing your mobile marketing strategies will only have an adverse repercussion. Thereby, any message sent to mobile devices must be specifically tailor made for the user of that mobile with all thoughtfulness. This brings us back to an inherently intrinsic need of having a holistic view of the customers. That is an insight into the behavior, shopping, another pattern or any critical information. Proximity MX with its location-based services and coherent integration with the backend CRM repository arms you exactly with –a deep knowledge about your customer. Proximity MX delivers to you the critical holistic view of the mobile user which consequently helps you in designing relevant and value-based marketing strategies and campaign, delivering instant results as; increase in Opt-in rate of your push messages, great customer experience, and high engagement rate. But not just that, it positions you as a brand who understands their customers, forging a relationship for a lifetime.

How much is too much?

The idea is to remain on top of customer’s mind not to push them into corners. When it comes deciding on drawing lines; less is more, is the thumb rule to abide by. Sending vital few push messages than bombarding trivial many onto your customer’s device surely keeps you safe off inviting customers’ wrath and risking opt-out or worse uninstall of your app.

Go for it!

Mobile devices are here to stay, and so are push messages, they are quick, creative, unobtrusive, a great branding tool, and absolutely free. They can add loads of value to your marketing strategies, helping you connect and reconnect with your customers. Just avoid overkilling it and use it mindfully with a dash of Proximity!

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