Proximity MX Enterprise
for Hospitality
Proximity MX Enterprise: Enabling Location Based Customer Acquisition,
Profiling & Behavior Insights.
Redefining Guest Experiences
Remarkable service has always been a prerequisite to succeed in the hospitality industry. In addition to delivering an exceptional service, hotels strive to stay connected with loyal members and guests and build meaningful relationships with them.
Proximity MX™ is a location-based, digital customer acquisition and multi-channel engagement platform that enables companies to deliver rich customer LBS engagements and gain actionable location insights.

Proximity MX Enterprise lets companies bring existing member relationships to physical locations by offering deeper multi-channel member engagement and nurture ongoing member relationships to enhance loyalty, increase sales and build greater customer retention. It helps businesses put their brand at the forefront of every LBS interaction globally.
Proximity MX Enterprise For Hospitality
A consistent, scalable solution to engage members, strengthen their connection with the brand.
Increase the number of member sign-ups.
Bring ongoing digital member relationships to physical locations to enhance loyalty, increase sales and build greater customer retention.
Bring location intelligence into business transactions.
Offer personalized tier specific at-location experiences based on the member’s loyalty profile.
Gain at-location member behavior actionable insights.
Seamless integration with business back-end systems.
Global Consistency, Local Relevancy
In today’s world of globalized brands and franchisee led models, it is imperative to ensure that the brand image and messaging remain consistent across locations in order to build customer trust and loyalty. Offering a differentiated brand experience tailored to each location may dilute the global identity of enterprises. To add to the complexity, it is becoming increasingly difficult for global enterprises to have a direct relationship with customers due to franchises and/or MSPs control of locations.

Our cloud based solution puts the global enterprise in control by putting their brand at the forefront of every LBS engagement by ensuring consistency across all touch points – be it the WiFi captive portal, SMS, email, API or app notifications. The solution is ready for large scale, global roll-outs, supports multiple languages and is in compliance with country/location specific regulations.

Digital Intelligence in Physical Locations
Seamless integration to existing loyalty database and/or CRM systems via APIs enables access to high quality member data and reports to create a 360 degree view of the customers and map their in location journey.

Backed by intelligent location based acquisition and behavior reports, with valuable information like number of loyalty member acquisitions, number of loyalty sign-ins based on loyalty tiers (how many platinum, gold, etc.), click reports on what kind of services are members interacting with, can bring at-location member behavior insights into existing CRM/loyalty system to tailor future interactions and take informed business decisions.
Making Personalized Customer Engagement A Reality
Using Proximity MX Enterprise, hotels can provide engaging experiences by connecting their physical locations to their customer’s mobile devices. Tapping into the power of their existing network infrastructure, our solution can help acquire and engage guests across multiple channels.

While providing a highly secure internet access on their mobile devices, hotels will also be able to seamlessly on-board and acquire new members and establish a trusted association between their digital identity and mobile devices, without being intrusive.

Location specific content powered by smart whitelisting makes it easy for guests to access information as well as helpful concierge services – all only a tap away! To enable guests navigate the facilities easily, the captive portal can feature a map with way-finding capabilities. Proximity MX Enterprise enables hotels to offer a differentiated engagement by customizing member experiences based on loyalty tiers and location and offer personalized and exclusive content, promotions and rewards.
Connecting Location & Loyalty : Seamless Enterprise Integration
Proximity MX allows enterprises to create a single view of their customers by seamlessly integrating real-time location data with back-end enterprise data.

Our solution offers the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, rapid global deployment, expertise at managing scale and unmatched round-the-clock support. So our clients can be confident their business is delivering the same great customer experience at every location!
Use Cases
John Smith
Platinum Member, Non App User
As the VIP guest, John Smith enters the hotel lobby, his presence is detected and matched with his loyalty profile. He is sent a personalized welcome message and the VIP relationship manager is alerted. The relationship manager can welcome the guest and escort him in.
John Smith
Platinum Member, Non App User
If the guest is in the hotel room for more than 30 minutes, he receives an invite to an exclusive VIP reception.
Gold Member, App User
Guest enters the pool area and is offered a complimentary drink along with access to the ‘members only’ pool cabanas.
Silver Member, Non App User
As the guest leaves the hotel after her stay, she receives an email with her rewards summary and/or a membership specific survey.
Powered by our solution, a leading hospitality chain was able to achieve the following results:
locations rolled out globally!
connectivity rate across all locations with a consistent branded experience!
1.1 million
unique users and 2.9 million page views* in just a span of 1 year!
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