Location based Members’ Acquisition, Profiling & Actionable Insights
Bringing existing member relationships to physical locations to enhance loyalty, increase sales and build greater customer retention via membership sign-in using Free WiFi Service, location Intelligence in existing Native Apps, bringing at-location member behavior insights into existing CRM, loyalty system to complete 360 degree view of customer and delivering tailored personalized member services at each location.
Business Value
Proximity MX Enterprise is an API-based, loyalty and CRM integration-ready LBS platform.

Drive deeper multi-channel member engagement, increase loyalty signups and gain actionable insights. Nurture ongoing member relationships to enhance loyalty and build greater customer retention. Deliver personalized engagement based on the member’s loyalty profile to create a highly differentiated experience. Engage members via SMS, Email and Native App push notifications, triggered intelligently by WiFi, Bluetooth beacons and GPS.

Gain at-location member behavior insights and target customers more precisely. Seamless API integration into business back-end systems provides an integrated view of the customer, making it possible to deliver a seamless, consistent experiences that translate into lasting customer relationships. Improve service and exceed customer expectations with real time enterprise LBS business service notifications and alerts.
Business IT/Admin
Seamless API integration into business back-end systems
Powerful configurable rules engine defining actionable LBS insights
Native mobile App embedded secure WiFi (hotspot 2.0) support providing secure WiFi to member app users
3rd Party cloud services integration ready
Multiple authorization & on-boarding Flows (via Social Sign in, SMS Sign in, Email Sign-in, Phone no., first name, last name, gender and business tagged field capture forms) – all captured fields can tagged in the rules.
Customizable proximity & contextual microservices
Secure, customized access
LOB/Marketing Teams
Location intelligence for business transaction – BOPIS/BORIS/ checking check out/ seat upgrade notifications; membership specific surveys
Location specific content powered by smart whitelisting – show location specific services to user before internet is provisioned
Simple yet powerful engagement rules & decision engine
Multiple language support
Dashboard reports as well as post APIs for real-time integration
APIs – Location, Device, User ; SDK – iOS & Android
MIMO, Multiple sense, BLE, bluetooth, WiFi, & GPS
Powerful CSS Editor
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