Proximity Marketing and Technology: Up and close with the customer!

- 5th Dec 2016


Digital Wave

When digitization is revamping the landscape of every industry, can your marketing strategy be unaffected by its Midas touch? Certainly not! Digital transformation has rattled the razzmatazz world of marketing, consequently, leading to a complete evolution of marketing concepts and designs, which leverage technology to its zenith.  However, one thing that still stands true is that the customer continues to rule the roost. As a matter of fact, the customer has become the focal point, the locus, of all the buzz and activity that goes around!

The effervescent customer!

Today’s consumer is dynamic in every sense of the word; smart and intelligent in their pursuits, fierce and fastidious about their choices and most importantly busy and demanding than you can imagine!  And not just that, customers are today spoilt for options, be it the brands, prices, offers; they flooded with umpteen options. But ironically enough, they are also exhibiting a shorter memory span than ever! Sigh! So, the road to impress your customers seems uphill all the way! There is a jungle out there, and everybody is on a killing spree to grab their share of customer attention. Not to forget the eCommerce rampage that continues with a vengeance and the unfaltering theory of inertia, by which the customers continue to remain elusive, shopping from the comfort and coziness of their couches!

How do you woo the reluctant customer, get him to ditch his comfort zone and take a stroll to a nearby retail outlet? How do you get inside the intriguing mind of your mysterious customer with a frivolous demeanor?

The Panacea

As idiosyncratic as it may sound and seem like, there exists a way out of this maze. And, the answer is Proximity MX. Proximity MX is just that one tailor made marketing and technological solution that will serve as a panacea to the entire quagmire that retail is reeling under presently. And, why just retail? The sheen of Proximity can reach way beyond the retail into infrastructure facilities as airports and stadiums, industries as hospitality, tourism and much beyond! It promises a complete overhaul of services that you offer your customer, taking them several notches higher than their expectations! Importantly, it prepares you to take on your customers to delight them! Undoubtedly only ones who are willing will take on the power to surge ahead in this battle of digitization, customer experience, and the retail slack!

Let’s see how Proximity as a concept, strategy and technology are going to be your knight in the shining armor. Proximity marketing is the newest, evolved and the most innovative arsenal in the marketing gig bag.

Demystifying Proximity

Proximity is the marketing concept that boldly and blatantly advocates “Be aggressive and incessant in knowing your customers or perish”   Let’s elaborate a bit.  More the effort invested in understanding your customer, the better you are positioned to cater to their demands. The frictionless smooth shopping experience makes way for establishing that belongingness and bonding; that will keep him coming back again, not just because you have all the things in the world to offer, but because you have the knack of understanding them and what they are looking for even before they say a word. Now which customer will not appreciate this level of sincerity and preparedness shown in helping them out?

A welcome message on the mobile device of your customer, as he enters your facility is more than just a small message. It’s an icebreaker, akin to a warm but a firm handshake extended out to welcome him, assuring that he will be taken care hereon.  Instantly the unfamiliarity in the air fizzes out and is replaced by a known comfort. You succeed in completely syncing your prospective customers’ mood to that of your store ambiance further facilitating a smooth transition. A proactive strategy, where you equip yourself with all the relevant information pertaining to the customer in such a way that you understand and guide them through not only what they might be looking out for but also be intelligent enough to gauge what is in their best interest and acquaint them about the same, judiciously managing the time, the customer plans to spend there in your premise. There is a dearth of such quality retail spaces that extends excellent services of this magnitude and thoughtfulness.

So if you are ready for it, then as a retailer, you just cannot afford to be ignorant about the new marketing and technological blitzkrieg named Proximity.

The Proximity Bouquet

Let’s just skim the benefits of this technology and how it is all set to create the mentioned difference. The proximity concept and technology promises; better mall management, engaging and captivating floor management, multi-sensory mall experience, better customer reception, better relationship management with a client, click and collect online order within the retail outlet, and this is just the start.

In short, it helps you design that dream concept store that reverberates and echoes the sentiments and preferences of the customer who walks down your aisle for some exhilarating experience.

The Proximity MX edge

So request a demo or click the link below, to see for yourself how Proximity MX can unleash the immense potential, that it promises to deliver for you and your customers and help you score an edge over the competitors!

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