New Whitepaper Released: The Physical Store of the Future

- 7th Dec 2017

After devoting dozens of man-hours to the project, we are proud to announce that our whitepaper called The Physical Store of the Future is now available to you. It consists of an in-depth analysis of where the retail sector finds itself today and where it is most likely headed, and constitutes one of the most up-to-date publications on the subject. In particular, it covers the business potential of WiFi analytics in the retail industry and how it can use novel sources of data to better understand how their business functions.


Why You Should Read it?

90 percent of sales still happen in physical stores, so there is a huge, compelling reason to think about the physical store as a driver of sales.

Without foot traffic, there can be no sales. Retailers who have failed to keep up with the times, including some major brands, have also struggled to get customers through the door and in some cases gone out of business. Retailers are, in a sense and to some extent, trying to cater to a market that’s already moved on.

Although the problem is obvious enough, many retailers aren’t quite sure what to do about it in a way that will improve efficiency and the bottom line. This whitepaper takes a practical approach to re-imagining retail, redefining the purpose of the store and using analytics to guide and drive this transformation.


  • How retail is currently done: the good and the bad.
  • Ways for retail to adapt to a changing world.
  • A step-by-step description of digital transformation in the retail context.
  • Best practices for a convergent, multi-channel customer engagement model.
  • What will happen at the confluence of physical and digital retail.

To gain a better perspective on how using data more effectively can benefit your retail operations, download the whitepaper today.