A New Way to Mobile

- 21st Mar 2013

Mobile is redefining the way businesses interact with their customers. The key factors driving this are:

Mobile First & Mobile Only

User engagement and consumption across verticals is moving away from PC to mobile. Mobile is fast becoming the first screen. In many cases it is the only screen. Powerful features like GPS, camera, touch, and push combined with rich media content, social, context and commerce are driving new user engagement models and use cases.

 Consumerization of IT

Unlike PCs which were computing devices mobile devices are consumer devices. User experience leads functionality and the pace of device innovation is driven by consumer needs. IT is redefined by this phenomenon.

 Multiplicity of touch points

The number of ways a business touches their customers is moving from a single monolithic destination to hundreds of engagement points. These could be rapidly changing app sections of own apps, 3rd party or affiliate apps, contextual services, coupons, QR codes, social pages, in-store services, push notifications, etc.

Need for speed


Over time the window of opportunity for businesses to leverage the digital media is constantly reducing.

Today the time available to continually launch, change, update and distribute mobile experiences is hours and days rather than weeks and months.

Democratization of Creation

Creating Mobile experiences has been traditionally controlled by central IT groups or developers. Now everyone is a ‘developer’. The need to create and iterate has to rest with teams closest to the user of the mobile application – publishing, marketing, creative, ecommerce, affiliates, regional teams and partners. However this control needs to be governed by central compliance, security and administrative control.

Short Shelf Life

Fast changes in technology and consumer expectations combined with limited app real-estate have dramatically reduced the shelf-life of mobile experiences. The ROI expectations from technology investments required to support this is causing unprecedented challenges within organizations.


The rise of the API economy has encouraged business to publish APIs for their partners, affiliates, resellers and even their internal organizations to access core Enterprise assets in a regulated and secure manner. APIs make it possible to ‘productize’ repeatable use cases for mobile.

 SaaS Approach

A SaaS based approach is the only way to manage speed, pace of change and scale without the associated cost and complexity.