Monetizing Wi-Fi Offloading

- 22nd Jun 2015


As years pass by, it’s apparent that the customer interactions has evolved more than ever before. Customer engagement and loyalty with businesses is driven mainly through mobile and social media. People are now accessing smart phones on an average of 3 hours each day and engaging through mobile devices whether they are in an airport, retail store, hotel or shopping mall. This makes businesses inevitable to interact with customers over smartphone delivering personalized, behavior-driven content to enhance the experience and drive loyalty.

With the sharp spike in demand for mobile internet access, bandwidth dense content and video consumption, the need for data offloading has increased. Mobile data traffic is at 61 percent CAGR growth, with video generating over 69 percent of that traffic. According to Wi-Fi Alliance, total cost of ownership of Wi-Fi hotspots is about half that of LTE small cells and 10 percent of 3G small cells making Wi-Fi as a preferred network for service providers. The new research forecasts that Wi-Fi networks would carry almost 60% of smart phone and tablet by 2019.

As of today, Service providers consider Wi-Fi offloading to manage traffic congestion on carrier networks and provide a good user experience with higher data speeds. To go beyond just Wi-Fi, service providers will have to define advanced Wi-Fi monetizing models and a platform for differentiated services such as paid Wi-Fi access to non-subscribers, location based services, e-commerce tie-ins, promoting offers; app downloads and sponsored links to line up an additional revenue channel or recover the Capex/Opex on Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Now the question by service providers is on how to build a Wi-Fi monetization solution to cater evolving need of customer experience and visibility into the customer behavior to grow revenue.

This is where our Proximity MX platform is an essential customer engagement solution, as it allows service providers to monetize their Wi-Fi offerings and deliver value added services over Wi-Fi ecosystem. Businesses can create mobile experiences through service provider’s Wi-Fi infrastructure and integrate into back-end enterprise systems and applications. Authenticating user to provide free or paid access will capture the information of user’s current location, dwell time, behavior, social coordinates to engage with contextual information, and promotions based on user persona and location.

Learn more about  Proximity MX Platform and see how you can monetize through your WiFi network.

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About The Author:

Krishna Mohan leads the product marketing at July Systems. He loves to develop and deliver effective go-to-market programs and skilled at managing cross-functional teams from various international locations. At spare time, he travels and learns classical music.