Managing ‘March Madness’ Cloud Operations for CBS Sports

- 31st Mar 2015


For the National Sports, March Madness is a sensation. March Madness is the sobriquet given to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), jointly produced by CBS Sports (the sports division of CBS), college basketball tournament. The national champions for basketball are decided over this tournament between the 2nd week of March to the 1st week of April. Every year, Millions of fans closely follow NCAA tournaments. And thus, March Madness was baptized!

68 teams compete for the college basketball’s biggest prize, every year. The fans go kaboom to support and read everything about their teams. From live scores to team news, gives it all! With the rise and popularity of mobile devices, it’s easier for the fans to access the live score and get updates of every match on the move.

 July System’s Cloud Operations team is at the center of all this action. Our team, known for their incredible experience in managed cloud operations, has been handling the CBS Sports’ tremendous mobile site traffic for March Madness’ since 2008. We’ve handled over billions of mobile page views for March Madness over the years!

 In fact, mobile site traffic for March Madness this year has already gone over 20 million visits with over 1 million unique visitors, with one more week to go for the finals.

For March Madness, the traffic increases at least by 300%, while the industry standard for event day traffic is 60%. This indicates the infrastructure usage varying from time to time for the same end user service. At July, we create the flexibility to scale up and scale down on event and non-event days. July Systems is redefining how businesses go-to-market with mobile. We provide Managed Cloud Operation services combined with Uptime commitment, Scaling & Event Handling driven through SLA.

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