Location-based Marketing: An ode to Shopaholics

- 30th Nov 2016


Confessions of a shopaholic…

Does this replay a dream sequence of your very own confession in a church..? The sight and mere thought of shopping, malls, brands, trends, discounts, offers, sets your spirit soaring high up to the cloud nine (just in case you sensed any exaggerated feeling, let me remind you of a therapy, thy name is Retail) even though not without a dollop of unmistaken guilt, which with its all strength is pulling you down to the earth, urging you to not give in to the temptations. If yes, then the above tagline perfectly befits your personality.

However, honestly would there be anyone not guilty of nurturing a shopping addiction. ..?Let’s be candid and accept that we all have done and been there just like our very own Rebecca Bloomwood!

So, if you want to give that guilt a ditch, which I am sure you can’t wait for then all that you ever want is not credit but to know about Location-based Marketing and what is has to offer you as a shopaholic!

You are urban, cool, take pride in being a brand connoisseur, know your mind and how crack the best deal for yourself. Then, why not  be on top of things even as you tiptoe to your favourite shopping destination for some good time with your buddies..? Wasting precious time in traffic, confusion or in want of some handy information or missing that enticing offer on your dream handbag you have always wanted is definitely the last thing on your mind!

So to take absolutely no chances, you have  to know why the marketing world is going gaga over the emerging trend of Location-based Marketing, the geeky part of it and most importantly what it has for you and why should you care?

Location based marketing and the hullabaloo…

It’s been a while since the online shopping swept the market completely. Now, the retailers are back, all geared up and on their toes to woo you to their doorsteps once again. Location-based Marketing strategy is an attempt on their part to move  beyond the realms of selling to actually understanding, guiding and engaging you, of course with all your permission, for a completely personalized experience of the place of  your visit. Turning your visit truly into an enthralling experience!

And all that you have to do, to experience this elixir and grab the irresistible offers surrounding you is to let your mobile device do the talking.  Once you are at your favourite retail outlet, the Wi-Fi network of the premise seeks your permission to track your location, by allowing this you not only get to use a free and seamless Wi-Fi network  but you also open up to a wide range of offers floating around you.

Benefits of Location-based Marketing

As soon as you opt-in, the Location-based marketing peeps out of your electronic gadget and becomes your instant buddy and comes with a big Goodie Bag of offers and handy informational tidbits guiding you right from the word Go!

1.      Keep you going!

Your buddy sees to it that you are not caught up in any kind of traffic snarl by posting you real time traffic updates of the destination you are heading to and the route you are on.

2        Freebie!

Seamless and enhanced Wi-Fi experience across the mall.

3.      Get on boarded!

Does anything compare to a smooth transitioning..? Undoubtedly, a warm welcome goes a long way in setting the mood and get you rolling confidently in a place which probably appeared a little unfamiliar. A welcome message, alerts, promotions on your arrival, stay and exit, assures you are just on top of everything.

4.      Surprises!

Now, who is not game for a little surprise..? Get floored by personalized offers, coupons, rewards and loyalty points as you enter the shop. Save as you shop!

5.      Get guided!

Way finding helps you park your vehicle closest to your destination, cradles you to your favourite store and in case you are new to the town, you don’t have to look lost because you can readily get all the information on a nearby store location via SMS.

6.      Get heard!

Doesn’t is feels great to know that you are being heard..? Your view and opinion matter. Okay, ever felt like voicing your concern on pricing, services or may be something else..? Exactly! So be assured that through Location-based marketing feature; the business is on a complete vigil on your opinion. Not just that, expect a prompt response too!

Retail Therapy back with a Bang!

Location-based marketing is redefining marketing strategy as never before, continuously blurring the wide gap between the digital and physical shopping experiences. It is the most popular consumer technology today. But what makes this Location-based marketing strategy a blazing trail is the fact that it has enthused a new life into the retail sector. Once again people are up to nurture some retail therapy!

Looking for a location-based marketing solution for your retail? Proximity MX empowers retailers to deliver better and more personalized engagement in real time to customers in a store. To know more, request a demo by clicking below.

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