An Unified Cloud-based Platform to develop, deploy, integrate and manage your
mobile site and apps.
Our revolutionary July MX™ platform allows enterprises to transition from the slow, expensive, developer-centric approach of mobile website and app development to a cloud-based, rapid, self-authoring real-time model instead. We provide over 70 rich, interactive and highly configurable modules that users can drag and drop as the building blocks for their mobile websites and apps.
MX Studio
July MX Studio is an easy to use creative environment that allows users to drag and drop to create mobile experiences. These mobile experiences are created using out-of-the-box MX modules as they do not require testing or the need to provision, monitor and scale infrastructure to run them.
MX Modules
Mobile development modules are the core of the platform and serve as building blocks of mobile experiences. The MX Modules are complete and independent units of experiences that run individually or along with other modules. July MX Platform has over 100 out-of-the-box MX Modules.
MX Recipes
July MX enables various stakeholders like marketing teams, IT teams and corporate groups to directly control or participate in creating mobile experiences. To ensure this July MX comes with Recipes for specific verticals with its respective business objectives. Users can easily create experiences based on the available Recipes.
App X (Patent Pending)
App X enables experiences created in the MX studio to be dynamically launched in native iOS & Android Apps. Once the App X SDK is integrated with the app, experiences can be launched, removed, changed or updated through July MX Studio. Businesses do not need to rewrite native app code, submit to the app store or go through approval.
July MX Platform provides a powerful integration framework that can plug into a variety of customer, affiliate and 3rd party backend systems.

Feed System: Provides capability to plug into CMS systems and external content sources. The system can also transform / adapt feed structures, combine multiple feeds into one or break apart large feeds into separate feeds. It can also work with unstructured data and structured flat files. Updates can be push or pull based. The system is designed to be highly scalable and tested to handle thousands of feed updates every minute.

API Gateway: Provides as abstraction and translation layer for customer and 3rd Party APIs. It can integrate with external systems using standard HTTP based web service protocols like REST, SOAP, XML over HTTP, etc.

Web Scraping: Sometimes customers are not in a position to expose APIs for all or parts of their backend. Web Scraping allows us to create APIs using the functionality exposed through customer’s web site. This is then converted to simplified structured APIs the Web Scraping System and can then be used by the modules and platform services.

Enterprise Connectors: Connections to enterprise systems are typically though a VPN connection and use standard web service protocols. This allows customer IT teams control access using tools and technologies that they are currently familiar with. In some customers, connectors are used to connect to other backend systems (DB, Active Directory, etc.).
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