Digital enhancement of physical stores
Proximity MX enables retailers to deliver more precise, personalized offers to customers who increasingly want stores to engage with them on their own terms, to demonstrate that they know them and their buying patterns. Create at-location, mobile-personalized engagement at a store by automatically detecting and proactively engaging smartphone users.
Create memorable guest experiences
Proximity MX enables you to fit your products into your guests’ mobile lifestyles and adapt to their technological demands and preferences. It helps recognize guests as they enter the property, greets them in a personalized manner, and helps provide them with personalized, relevant local area information and shopping offers, on-property offers, restaurant and activity recommendations based on past behavior.
Create a delightful airport experience for travelers
The potential of the Proximity MX in airports is mind boggling. Using Proximity MX at your airport, you can now discover a wealth of at location data such as travelers personas, their visit frequency, dwell time, zones visited etc. through a user friendly dashboard. The Proximity MX complements the “smart airport” and takes it to the next level. You can enhance passenger experience, accessibility & satisfaction. Reduce operational cost & monetize at location behavioral data.
Future-proof the mall experience
Proximity MX is an excellent solution for shopping malls to tackle the customer engagement challenge. It allows you to identify and track visitors from the moment they enter the mall premises. This rich data can be analyzed to derive powerful insights into the behavior of each visitor and get a holistic view of mall activity. It can potentially transform the way you approach marketing, contracts with retailers and even design of the mall.
Transform your convention center into an experience center
Proximity MX can help you truly transform the typical convention center experience into memorable journey for every visitor and event attendee. Using Proximity MX at your convention center, you can gain actionable insights into attendee in-venue behavior and engage with them real-time. Connect the dots between the physical & digital experiences and integrate them into a seamless multichannel experience that is personalized for each visitor.
Keep fans coming back to the stadium
Location-based technology like Proximity MX has the potential to significantly enhance the stadium experience to keep fans coming back for more. Already, a number of stadiums offer free WiFi to cater to the ‘always online’ population because fans, especially millennials, are known to exit the stadium during half-time just because they don’t have internet connectivity. Proximity MX allows stadiums to engage with fans like never before.
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