For all the special women at July, Here’s to You

- 8th Mar 2018

On this International Women’s Day, we are proud to recognize the extraordinary women of July who are driving the conversation around location technology. They come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, nationalities and cultures but they are united by a singular genius for turning potential into success. These women provide strategic direction, develop new capabilities and lead by example while still making time for their friends and family.

In order to give young women identifiable role models, we got two of our senior level women employees to give us a glimpse into their lives and careers.

Tina Gundersen, Director of Sales, EMEA

Q: What makes you come to work everyday?

I love helping customers realize how technology can enable their business.

Q: Who’s your inspiration in life? Who inspires you in your professional life?

My wife and family.  A great number of people professionally; the thing they all have in common is the ability to remove barriers and drive meaningful outcomes.

Q: Where do you see the industry heading?

The opportunity is largely untapped and businesses are just beginning to understand the value of location data. The business applications are limitless and we enabling brands to develop a direct relationships with the consumer offering more value than ever before. It’s a great time to be a consumer business if you take advantage of this key transition!

Spandana Reddy, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Q: What do you like about July?

Every day is a new adventure! There’s no such thing as a dull day at July. There is continuous innovation – we are always trying to stay one step ahead. Not forgetting the gorgeous co-working space we work at (in the Westfield mall!)

Q: What about location data drives you?

The transformational potential and impact that it can create.   

Location data opens up a treasure trove of insights that enterprises did not have access to – insights that can help create more value for visitors at physical spaces. So far, the industry has only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of realizing the potential of location data. The opportunity lies in creating impact at scale. And that’s what July is spearheading!

Plus a few words from other women driving the conversation in location analytics.

Q: Describe your workplace in a few words.

  • Sowmya Shivaram, Front End Developer: Friendly, Flexible & Supportive
  • Ankita Sarmah, Asst HR Manager: Employee friendly, Professional, exposure to give new creative ideas and methods.
  • Shivyaa Chandrasekaran, User experience intern: I find the work environment to be very friendly and approachable. It also provides lot of opportunities to learn
  • Kalaiselvi Ranganthan, Product Engineering Manager: Flexibility, Teamwork & Innovative
  • Cindy Ho, Product Marketing Manager: Supportive, Tenacious, Diverse Thinkers


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