Empower Franchisees with Location Manager Feature on Proximity MX

- 14th Mar 2018

Not all organizations follow a centralized business model. Some allow local branch managers much greater latitude when it comes to taking location-specific decisions. Decentralization allows businesses to react more quickly and better serve the needs of their local markets, customers and other stakeholders.

To help our clients who operate within such an environment manage their business better, we introduced a new feature called ‘Location Manager.’ Rather than placing the entire burden of managing your Proximity MX platform on the shoulders of one Account Administrator, who may be physically remote from many of your sites, it is now possible to delegate certain functions to Location Managers instead.

What are the Benefits of Having a ‘Location Manager’

To better understand how this feature can be useful, let’s take the example of a global fast food chain which offers an individual or a company a franchise for the sale of goods. Under such a distributed business model, a franchisee might choose to offer location specific Promos & Offers directly on the WiFi Captive Portal homepage.

Under ordinary circumstances, the franchisee owner would have to wait for the alteration request to go up the chain of command but with this new feature, the central manager can invite the franchise owner to edit the aforementioned Portal sections as a Location Manager. What would have initially taken upto 24 hours can now be done in less than a minute.

New Location Managers will need no training, as any action they might need to perform is basically point-and-click. There is access to two screens, including portals and reports. A Location Manager is able to  edit portal welcome messages and advertising to suit their business environment and keep track of the guest WiFi usage at their premises through the Reports available. The reports section provides a variety of analyses for that location including footfall metrics, dwell time activity, and user profiles.

Having this functionality allows for more rapid, more responsive and more appropriate customization of location-specific functions.

Striving to Achieve New Milestones Everyday

At July Systems, we are always looking for ways to innovate and enhance Proximity MX with easy-to-use features so that you’re able to work more efficiently. If there’s any particular feature you’d like our platform to support, please feel free to reach out to us.

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