Interactive Campus Experiences
Bringing together location context, intelligence and mobile engagement!
Making smart classrooms a reality
Potential of the Proximity MX in educational institutions is mind boggling. The possibilities for communicating with students and staff through smartphone apps across platforms are almost endless.
Create an Awesome Interactive Campus with Proximity MX
Proximity MX complements the “smart classroom” and takes it to the next level. Students can receive announcements, time-tables and even their grade sheets on their mobile devices, reducing a large chunk of administrative load from the management. Work sheets and assignments can be notified, saving vast spends on paper.
Campus navigation with Proximity MX ensures that new students and visitors can navigate campuses effortlessly with the help of a map and pointers.
The usage of Proximity MX on campus can be limited only by imagination.
Personalized education: delivering educational content to specific areas or learning zones within a classroom
Course customization according to preferences.
Instant warnings of danger, hazards or emergencies
Notifying campus administrators of exact locations of students during campus emergencies, setting a new standard in campus safety.
Administrators of schools and universities can better understand the flow of students and staff through the campus.This can help optimize scheduling and campus design.
Automatic check-in at campus events.
Electronic coupons for discounts on food and drink at cafes and food courts.
Notifications for discounts on books and other merchandise in the bookstore.
Granting building access to students and tracking attendance.
Delivering meeting agendas and meeting material to students electronically in the classroom.
Library offers and events. For example, if someone is searching the third floor stacks for a cookbook, he will receive a message about the library’s Cuisine Corner program that is featuring cooking demos that week.
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