Driving Personalization: How WiFi Analytics Can Impact Auto Dealers

- 19th Jan 2018

When it comes to buying a car, people have unlimited options for research. Whether it’s google, their phone, a car buying app, or word of mouth, today’s car buyers are informed.

Before stepping into a dealer lot, a potential buyer likely knows what they’re leaning towards, which makes it that much more critical to provide a seamless and memorable experience to increase the chance of them returning. To deliver personalized experiences, dealerships can look into a WiFi analytics platform that provides data and insights into every person walking into their location.

A WiFi analytics platform such as Proximity MX can impact the dealership business across the spectrum from corporate to franchise to end customer. It helps create a global standard for WiFi access, by unifying digital guest experiences across all properties worldwide. There’s the opportunity to increase revenue by upselling at-property services and driving personalized promotions that can lead to sales. Customers benefit through experiencing moments of surprise and delight provide tremendous value to their buying journey.

Dealerships will be able to recognize who’s a worker, a first time visitor, a repeat customer, as well as if their purpose is to view new cars or visit the service center. By understanding the purpose of a customer’s visit, as well as what they actually do on site, dealerships can begin to optimize a potential buyer’s path to purchase.

Personalizing the Car Buying Journey using Proximity MX

We’ve broken down the car buying journey into four different stages where Proximity MX, our WiFi analytics platform can make an impact.

Learn: Car Research Stage

Did you know 56% of buyers attend auto shows to compare vehicles and shop before a dealer visit? At the research stage, get to know the customer ahead of time through auto expos or online appointment systems to know their interest and how far they are in their purchase journey.

Personalized services can begin even before a car buyer walks into the dealership. With a majority of customers doing online research, personalize the online scheduling service. When customers make an appointment, they can receive an apple wallet reminder. On the day of the appointment, customers can receive a welcome message as they approach the dealership through the apple wallet trigger.

Along with this, the staff also knows the purpose of the visit and what stage the buyer is in through the online scheduling form.

Shop & Buy: Dealership Visit

Did you know the average customer visits 2.7 dealers and 84% of car shoppers expect monetary benefit for sharing data? At the shop stage, gather analytics on who’s entering the dealership and drive sales through promotions and contextual offers.

By building a strong customer database, dealerships can tailor promotions to customers based on how often they return indicating how serious they are. Engage with customers by obtaining customer feedback through surveys to understand what went right or wrong during the customer pitch. Doing so not only addresses customer pain points, but also improves CSAT and maximizes CLV.

Service Center Visit

Did you know 77% of customers that are satisfied with the dealer experience return for service and service represents 53% of average dealer profits? At the service stage, engage with customers, upsell with additional services to customers while gaining insights into footfall and dwell times.

Service customers have a higher likelihood of being return customers, so greeting them with contextual signages can create a more positive and differentiated experience. Dealerships can monitor high traffic areas to redirect customers to shops or cafes and increase how much time is being spent. Surveys can also be beneficial at this stage to measure grievance redressal and adjust future service offerings to better meet the needs of customers.

Today’s dealership experience has to go beyond an engaging sales staff. Dealerships have the opportunity to change how they view their business and impact the customer journey before they step foot into the door and maintain that relationship much longer until the next purchase.

Interested to see how Proximity MX can help you drive personalization at your dealership?