Customer Engagement: How Digitization Is Transforming Customer Engagement

- 22nd Feb 2017

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In our last blog, we talked about Digitization and how essential it is to have a well-aligned digital and business strategy. Digitization has gathered momentum since its inception in the 1950s, and with an advent of the World Wide Web in the 90s, the life of the people was never the same. It completely changed the way we had been managing our lives be it work, communication, research, education, medical, travel, shop, almost everything. Digital technology particularly brought in a new level of convenience to customers. Digitization revolutionized the customer interface, and it’s no surprise that customer engagement today happens to be the most sought after space for digitization by enterprises across industries and sectors.

Three Ways Digitization Can Empower Your Customer Engagement

1) Leverage SMAC Stack to Deliver Convenience

SMAC refers to social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing technologies which offer tremendous potential to business and technology leaders to transform the customer experience. Digitization has brought in consumer-friendly technologies like mobile and social media which has strengthened the customer-brand relationship through its widespread reach, bringing businesses closer to their customers than ever before. Digitization has turned the customer touchpoints like web apps, mobile apps, etc. into enterprise-proximity platforms. This gives enterprises access to real-time data such as customer location and contextual intelligence enabling them to send customized offers to these customers. Personalized offers closer to their location ignites customers’ interest in the proximity campaigns and fuels engagement with the brand. Proximity campaigns like push messages with the facility of opt-in and opt-out empower customers with the choice to receive only what interests them. These technologies have redefined the customer experience at airports and hotels with features like mobile check ins and real time information related to their travel. An enhanced and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity keeps the digital customer connected and allows them to work comfortably and conveniently even when they are on the move.

Location-based technologies like Beacon, Wifi, Geofencing, and Proximity perfectly leverage the broad reach of mobile devices to create a win-win situation for enterprises and consumers. They are revolutionizing infrastructure based industries by delivering unmatched connectivity and uninterrupted experiences to their customers.

2) Decode the Code Halo to Deliver Customized Service

Enterprises have to move beyond hard selling and focus on facilitating customers to buy what they want instead. As shopping evolves from a transactional mode to an emotional involvement, enterprises have to stress more on engaging, interacting, involving and co-creating the brands with the customers for an enriched and delightful customer experience. Customers expect brands to understand them, know their identity, and reflect their persona, so it becomes increasingly important that businesses learn to empathize with its customers to forge a stronger bond. Ultimately, enterprises need to make an effort in knowing and understanding their customers and decoding the Code Halo. Code Halo refers to collecting, analyzing and extracting meaning from the data that emanates from every digital interaction that a consumer has, across various digital touch points. Analyzing digitally-generated customer data further boosts enterprise’s innovative initiatives. If leveraged properly, this data can unleash a wealth of information about customers. It will allow businesses to understand their customers personally and interact effectively. This, in turn, will help enterprises build customer intimacy to drive engagement to deliver a great experience.

3) Digitize to Accelerate Your Results

The digital age customer is more connected and informed, but they have less resistance to any waiting time. They want a quick resolution to their problems. They want to be immediately heard and connected without any delays. Any disruption in communication only increases their anxiety and worsens the situation, putting the relationship at stake. The expectation of customers are skyrocketing, and enterprises must speed up their response time to provide unified customer support across channels backed by uninterrupted communication. Digitization has helped enterprises touch base with its customers through various digitally enabled touchpoint such as online communities, forums, and chat groups to reduce the turnover time. They also address concerns through social media proactively. This leads to better collaboration between the customer and company as well as amongst the community members resulting in resolving the issue faster, forging a better relationship and higher customer satisfaction. Digitization made headway through SMS, and emails and expedited the communication process. While the app-enabled mobile devices have added a whole new dimension to accessing services be it ordering your favorite food at a wee hour or booking a cab or a movie ticket all from the comfort of your home.

After products and services the other channel that can immensely leverage the wonders of digitization is customer engagement. Digitization can help enterprises leverage big data through analytics to provide contextual data to enterprises and personalized services to customers. Digitization offers a bouquet of easy consumer technologies like Location-based technology, mobile, Wi-Fi, etc. that provides the digital customer what they value the most: connectivity and convenience. And, last but not the least it enables the enterprises to provide all this with a better ease and speed. Proximity MX is a location-based platform that promises to revolutionize customer engagement in retail, hospitality, airport, stadium and other infrastructure related industries. 

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