Customer Engagement Survey: Proximity MX delivers with a Bang!

- 3rd Jan 2017

2017 is here and it promises to be an exciting and a challenging year. A year of digital innovations, data disruption, AI bots, Proximity and much more!  2016 was an eventful year with breakthroughs like chat bots revolutionizing the way we interact with our customers and Artificial Intelligence playing a role of intelligent CRM in the form of Salesforce’s Einstein or that of an obedient assistant in the form of Google assistants, both with an élan.  Indeed our expectations from the New Year are skyrocketing!


This blog is in tune with the high momentum of 2017 and tries to unravel; the analytics of business, mind of the customer and how Proximity MX delivers on all challenging turfs.

Unraveling the Analytics

Our blog on Push Messages discussed one of the blazing trends in digital marketing space. We glanced through mobile marketing tools such as SMS and e-mail along with the trending push messages. In this blog, we continue to tread the path of customer engagement through push messaging; unraveling the analytics and business of push messages, divulging on best practices, examining a customer survey and understanding how Proximity MX is all poised to cater to customer demands.

Push messaging contributes a tremendous amount to the Big Data. Location-based technology that enables push messaging on the forefront is also responsible for seamlessly integrating customer information to the backend CRM, thereby, resulting in a huge amount of qualitative data as customer’s preferences, shopping habits and interests, and buying patterns. The quantitative data is number driven and provides insights into the in-store activities. Examples include the number of users who visited a store after being messaged, increased foot traffic in a given store versus its typical traffic volume. It gives you, as a marketer, an idea as to how many customers interact with your push messages and the rate at which they interact. It also helps you calculate your return on your mobile proximity campaigns. Massage interactions reveal if the user interacted with the push messages and give notifications if the user continues to interact with your message for a long time. All these vital insights help you evaluate your marketing campaigns and keep them from going off-track.

So, once the push messages are pushed on the users’ devices, it results in a huge amount of critical data. These inputs, resulting from analytics of push messaging can be leveraged in a strategic way for critical decision making in any business.

Best practices:

When it comes to push messaging it is easy to get carried away, so if you are pushing to win, it is absolutely imperative to push by the rule of the game!

Focus & Be Specific

Don’t let the razzmatazz of this digital marketing strategy overcomplicate your customer expectations. Yes, beyond the hype of all the marketing glitz; the customer is only looking for meaning, value and relevance in all the push messages.

Target it Right

The right segmentation and personalization is the door that will open unseen possibilities for your push messages. It can lead to three times the conversion rate if push messages exhibit the right mix of the two parameters. Track your push messages; they are delivered onto the personal device of your customers so they better be personal and unique.

Location is the keyword

You just can’t undermine the importance of location. So keep it close clear, specific.

Time matters

Time defines that fine line of whisker that will differentiate it from being an intruder or a charmer.

Crisp & creative

Messaged content needs to be draped in all frills and fancies. It must be creative and alluring, but most importantly, must have those keywords that will entice the customer to walk into the stores.

Survey snippet!

This blog is as much about the push marketing endeavors as it is about the voice of the customer. Let’s hear, directly from them what they feel and have to say about push messaging.

A survey on Mobile Engagement was conducted based on 1500 mobile users over the age of 18 who had downloaded an app in the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Survey brought to the forefront. The full survey is available on the site of Location Based Marketing Association, The Click here to read the survey.

Make it personal with Proximity MX

Eventually the survey takes us into the minds of the customer and brings to forefront some exciting facts trending around the new age, digitally connected, tech savvy customer.

To say the least survey heralds an era of Proximity. It marks the advent of a promising bright future for Location-based Marketing, Services, and Technologies. Eventually proximity technology is all set to become the benchmark for customer experience in infrastructure based industries as in retail, shopping malls, hotels, airports, stadiums and even beyond.

Let’s check out step by step how Proximity MX, a niche location-based technology product is meticulously designed to cater to the unanimous voice that the survey reverberates!

Location is the keyword

While 60% of customers are candid about sharing demographic and location details, only 25% of them are willing to divulge personal details such as contact information. Surely we see Proximity MX, a location-based technology, in sync with the customer sentiments.

Proximity MX wave

73% of the mobile customers say they receive push messages, and of them, 63% find them valuable and are game for it. Yes, more reason to get onto the Proximity MX bandwagon!

Tailor made deals

59% of the customers say they are looking for value, relevance and meaning in the push messages they receive, that is, they are looking explicitly for offers and coupons based on location, deals in brands etc. Proximity MX caters to this seemingly complex demand with an ease of personalization! That’s right. Proximity MX in-store provides seamless and enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity to help smooth customer onboarding to your network and outlets. Its tie-up with the backend CRM provides a deep insight into customer’s preferences. It then follows the magic of personalized engagement with your customers through on-time, contextually relevant push messages sent via Mobile apps, Captive portal, SMS, and Email. Thereby, delivering unified, intuitive and personalized shopping experiences to your customers just as they had wished!

Having introduced the revolutionizing concept AI into CRM, in our next blog we will see how CRM has made a pragmatic shift from being an acronym to being the guardian of your customer relationship.