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Convention Centers
With Location Intelligence to improve attendee experience

The Convention Center Puzzle

In most convention centers today, event attendees are digital ghosts. They remain completely unknown until they register with them.

Every convention center has a heartbeat made from billions of digital footprints left by attendees.

Are you listening to it Real-time? Engaging with them?

Imagine if your convention center can be digitized

Visitor experience will never be same again

1. Connect

Connect with attendees the moment they enter the building.

Eric is an anonymous attendee who connects to the free WiFi on his mobile phone. Proximity MX identifies and moves Eric from an anonymous attendee to a connected attendee.

Proximity MX will automatically identify Eric everytime he walks into the convention center in the future.

2. Know

Know more about the attendees as they move around the convention center.

Once Eric is connected, Proximity MX starts gathering insights based on Eric’s at location behavior in the center. The data gathered during customer acquisition leads to visitor at location personas and we know that Eric likes topics on IOT and Marketing.

Ericlikes topics on IOT and Marketing

3. Engage

Deliver contextual experiences based on personas at the right time, right place, and right channel.

Using WiFi for reach and BLE Beacons for granularity, engage real-time with attendees at the convention center. Use SMS, Email, App, Smart Captive Portals™ to directly engage using Proximity MX.

During the morning of the third day, Eric gets an SMS engagement reminder “Hey Eric, our keynote speaker – Bill Jensen, CMO of July Systems, will begin in 15 minutes. Please take your seats in the main conference room.

4. Integrate

Enable a truly integrated attendee journey across digital and physical.

Make use of our robust API service to trigger your enterprise workflows with attendee location intelligence. Get daily and weekly email updates with trends, reports and analytics on location insights across your convention center.

A robust visitor analytics and engagement strategy for your convention center starts with Proximity MX

Location Hierarchy™

Have a single, centralized view across all locations that is automatically in sync with your network hierarchy. Any change in the location or configuration of the access points will be automatically reflected on the dashboard. Location insights can be managed from any level in the hierarchy.

Location Personas™

Easily identify various attendees by creating tags based on their location and behavior trends in your convention center. Create personalized experiences for different types of at location personas.

  • Amy is an early arriver
  • Matt is a keynote speaker attendee
  • Eric is interested in IOT and marketing topics
  • Jim attends the conference trade show
  • Sean is an international attendee
  • June spends a lot of time in the lobby area

Location Insights

Gain meaningful insights by measuring metrics such as dwell time, visits and frequency, zones visited, etc. by location and persona. Monitor trends and predict behavior.

Quantify the impact of location activity on at-location behavior and transform location insights into business outcomes.

Smart Multi-Channel Engagements™

Engage with attendees through multiple channels (SMS, Email, Native App, Captive Portal & M-site) leveraging smart location hierarchy and personas to drive real-time contextual engagements.

  • SMS
  • Smart Captive Portal
  • Email
  • In-App
  • API
Early Arrival
Breakfast Reminder

Smart Captive Portals™

Deliver personalized engagements to attendees based on their location, time, persona, relevancy and context using Smart Captive Portals™.

Impact of Proximity MX

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