Chelsea Football Club To Use WiFi Analytics to Enhance Fan Engagement

- 23rd Mar 2018

When Chelsea Football Club set out to offer free WiFi in their stadium, they had one goal in mind: How can I offer free WiFi to fans, but also see a clear return on my investment? Chelsea F.C. is the latest to partner with Cisco CMX & July Systems to understand, analyze and optimize the fan journey through leveraging a WiFi based location analytics solution.

Identify the fan attending the live game and not just the individual buying the ticket

While Chelsea F.C. is one of the most valuable football clubs in the world, they want to expand their fan knowledge base. They know that in order to better serve fans, they first need to know who they are.

Who are my season ticket holders? Who my VIP occupants in the private suites? How often do they visit? When do they arrive? Who are they accompanied by? Do they spend their money on merchandise, food, or both?”

They want to go beyond mere demographic data and be able to identify who their most valued fans are and how often they visit. Using these critical insights, Chelsea F.C. will be able to send personalized engagements to their fans so that they can meaningfully engage with them and also increase the average customer spend.

Maximize Return on Space and Get Richer Insights into Your Stadium

Translating data to insights could take months, but stadium analytics powered by Cisco CMX shrinks the time-to-insight drastically. More interestingly, the quality of behavioral data generated will reveal their audience in a whole new light. Cisco CMX allows Chelsea F.C. to identify fan behavioral patterns across multiple metrics such as footfalls, dwell time, and frequency of visits.

The Location Persona Engine helps provide insight into the type of people that visit. For example, Chelsea F.C. will be able to understand the different visit patterns between local fans and global fans.

Improve At-Location Fan Engagement by Personalizing Stadium Experiences

All professional sports team engage in some form of fan marketing and engagement but Chelsea F.C. wants to deliver a far more sophisticated and personalized experience using the insights generated by the CMX platform. Their goal is to deliver the right message at the right time, to the right fan and Cisco CMX Rule engines provide multiple channels to help them accomplish this.

Location analytics presents a big opportunity for professional sports teams and stadium owners to increase conversions and enhance fan engagement. Capitalizing on location and behavioral data by using it for robust targeting and hyper relevant personalization can significantly affect an organization’s bottom line. With stadium analytics, it’s going to be a whole new ballgame!

Want to Take a Data-Driven Approach to Improve Fan Experience?

A robust fan analytics and engagement strategy for your Stadium starts right here with July Systems. We’re a preferred OEM partner for Cisco. If you’re a Cisco customer, Talk to US Now to Get a Free Demo.

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