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SAP Center
The fastest ROI case seen in WIFI for customer experiences
The premiere sports & entertainment venue in Northern California and home to the iconic San Jose Sharks, SAP Center leveraged Proximity MX to optimize their wifi onboarding flow and improve customer satisfaction. SAP Center saw an immediate impact to their ROI by monetizing ad space and gaining valuable insights to help them upsell stadium services.
ABOUT SAP CENTER SAP Center at San Jose is an indoor arena located in San Jose, California. Its primary tenant is the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League, for which the arena has earned the nickname “The Shark Tank”.

Provided the same digital experience for all visitors even though they attended different events


Cisco Unified Wireless Network + July Systems Proximity MX (OEM’ed by Cisco as Cisco CMX Engage).


Understanding the Guest Beyond a Ticket Stub

Wanting to get a better view of guests coming into the stadium, SAP Center is using Proximity MX to collect data on visitors’ names, numbers, and emails. SAP Center is able to learn which visitors are attending sporting events, music concerts, or other shows. One of the most valuable insights they gained was realizing most season ticket holders actually resell their tickets. Without implementing this WiFi onboarding process, the insight would never have been discovered.

Business Value Added

At-location Guest Insights Scalable location intelligence platform that works irrespective of the fan size Advanced Reports

Monetizing Captive Portal Engagements

With Proximity MX™’s customizable engagement tool, SAP Center is transforming their customer WiFi onboarding flow with a higher quality and more user friendly experience. SAP Center is taking advantage of the smart captive portal real estate by selling advertising sponsorships. To date, their captive portal has gained over 300K views, proving the sponsor’s investment has been highly valuable.

Business Value Added

Sponsorship and Monetization of Ad space Advanced Guest Onboarding Features

Preparing for SAP’s Future

Now that SAP Center has a better view into visitor insights and analytics, they will be able to use Proximity MX to categorize users through at-location personas, such as frequent visitor, season ticket holder, merchandise buyer, concert goer, etc. The next step for SAP Center is to send contextual engagements based on identity and location. For example, SAP Center will have the ability to target concession stand dwellers with offers and promotions on food.

Business Value Added

At-location real time guest engagement Increase revenue by upselling stadium services
John Tortora San Jose Sharks chief operating officer

“We want our patrons to be able to easily and reliably connect while at SAP Center to allow for the best fan experience when attending Sharks games and other events.” Source

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