Going Local? Here Are 5 Secrets For A Successful Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy

- 24th Feb 2017


It’s time for enterprises to go local in its reach. Hyper-localization is steadily emerging as an integral part of the marketing mix with enterprises and marketers, both finding it to be more effective in reaching out to customers and driving businesses. Let’s understand why hyper-localization has become so important and the five ways to keep your hyper-location marketing strategy on track.

What’s Driving Hyper-Localization?

For a long time, companies strived for a global appeal but now customers are expecting a personalized experience with brands they engage with. It’s time for companies to strike a closer bond with customers be it through their needs or location. Hyperlocal marketing allows businesses to position itself as a local expert which makes it more appealing to the consumer who is overtly looking inwards for their needs. Localization is making brisk appearances across industries and sectors, globally, and is making a lot of business sense in its latest avatar, hyper-localization.

The super busy lifestyle of people powered by the broad reach of mobile devices is influencing hyperlocal marketing in a tremendous way. Convenience and comfort are the top priorities for today’s generation whether it’s buying a product or rendering a service. Add in a couple of choices and a touch of customization, and you can keep your customers smiling and coming back to you. Online retailing owes its runaway success, primarily to this new age millennial philosophy. The next thing that shows a high potential to grab consumer’s short attention span is proximity. Convenience, customization, and coupons within the closest range of a customer’s location have higher chances of attracting and delighting them.

However, the best part is that location-based technologies can be leveraged by local businesses and famous brands alike to narrow down their hyperlocal marketing strategies to the targeted audience. These companies, by leveraging technologies such as proximity platforms, location-based services, location-based mobile advertising, proximity campaigns, powerful search engines, wifi, GPS, etc. can reach out to their prospective customers and connect at the right time and right location.

The 5 Secrets to Successful Hyperlocal Marketing

Here are five quick fixes to ramp up your efforts in the hyperlocal marketing environment.

1) Geo-Target Customers and Research the Location

The first and foremost thing for a successful hyperlocal marketing strategy is to identify the target audience in the specific region or location. Facebook and Adwords are important sources that allow enterprises to target audiences based on their specific attributes such as age, gender, language and most importantly location, the key to hyper-location marketing. Creating smart user segments based on inbuilt analytics generated by apps also helps in reaching out to customers in a better way. After deciding the audience, it’s time to research the geographical location for prospects that is, the demand for the products and services and the possible challenges and competition.

2) Enhance the Mobile Experience

In 2015, online search performed on mobile devices surpassed desktops. People are using their phones to search prices, find a store address, look out for offers, etc. According to Forbes, 70% of all mobile search results in an action within an hour. Obviously, mobile devices have a larger reach and leveraging it right can a have a far-reaching impact on your hyperlocal marketing strategy. Customers are accessing sites and apps on their mobile devices and sending strong cues to brands. Capitalize on this opportunity by taking visitors through an appealing, easy and fast mobile site. Mobile visitors have a low tolerance for poor mobile experiences. If your mobile site loads slow, 43% of your users won’t try to come back. A full 40% of them will go to a competitor’s site instead, according to data from e-commercefacts.com. Don’t take chances by trying to fit in your website design into the mobile devices of your users, instead get a well designed mobile site or even a mobile app which is easy to navigate, with a clear call to action. Reduce the number of clicks and keep the process simple and experience personal.

3) Get Ingrained in the Social Fabric

For hyperlocal marketing to be efficient and far reaching, it is important that a brand itself reflects a local flavor through its brand voice. It’s impossible to reach out to the customers at a local level unless you have worked hard on getting to know them and their location better. Statistics, surveys, and other resources can help you get closer to your customers. To form a closer bond with your customer, take your marketing initiative a notch higher in personalization and enhance your knowledge on the social norms of the region, the points of reference and facts of life that tie the community together. For an enterprise to be able to cater to a local need, the brand voice must resonate with the identity of the region and its people. This will give advertising a touch of resemblance and lead customers to identify with the brand at a personal level. Striking a personal chord with the community means not only identifying its needs and aspirations of the people but also building and nurturing the relationships and surroundings that make up the community.

4) Leverage Social Media

If your intent is to enhance brand visibility in hyperlocal marketing and want people to know about it, then you have to take the brand to people. Social media is the best place to find your target audience and connect with them. Facebook itself with 1.4 billion subscribers adds 600 terabytes of user-generated data every day in the form of posts, shares, comments, likes, check-ins, photographs, etc. It is an apt place for businesses to know their customers and everything about them, such as, what they’re doing or buying, their area of interest, communities they are part of, places they visit, preferences, behavioral attitudes and much more. With this kind of personal insight, it is easy for marketers to design personalized marketing campaigns catering to customers’ specific needs in their vicinity and build up a community of local fans and followers. Social media is a sure way for brands to make inroads into the local lanes of the customers.

5) Optimize Push Messages and Reviews

In a hyperlocal marketing strategy, striking a personal bond is critical. Positive reviews by customers help enterprises get visibility and strengthen its position. It can improve your ranking in search engines, get more traffic to your site and influence the opinion of other customers. Customer reviews and testimonials are the best way to promote your brand so manage them judiciously. Similarly, push messages help you get up and close with customers, however, what matters most is the timing, context, and content of your push messages. To help with that, hyperlocal apps can pick from various effective tools available in the market. These tools help in optimizing the entire process of sending customized push notification by taking all important features into account.

Evolving geo-location technologies like proximity and location-based technology together are creating ripples in the hyperlocal marketing pool and making it a lucrative prospect for customers and businesses alike. Request a demo to find out how Proximity MX can power your hyperlocal strategy.