2016: A Year of Technological Transit!

- 30th Dec 2016

Yet one more time we are standing at the edge of a year! 2016 has come full circle and 2017 is about to roll in.  As the bells jingle and Santa Claus make his way down the chimney amidst his signature “ho ho ho,” let’s retrospect the year passing by and ring in a brand new year with hopes, cheers, and Proximity! It’s time for a quick look at the technology and marketing trends that defined 2016 and is all set to make deep roots into 2017.

Proximity Tree

2015 saw Proximity Technology and Marketing make inroads into the retail sector and taking it by storm . In 2016 Location-based technologies and services along with digital marketing strategies gained prominence, spreading and strengthening its hold to the other prominent infrastructure based industries such as hospitality, airports, stadiums, and malls. Let’s see the trends that dominated this year and is all set to make a big splash into 2017.

The Retail makeover!

Yes, 2016 saw a revolutionizing revamp of Retail, to be precise comprehensive technical facelift. The brick and mortar outlets decided to take on the onslaught of e-commerce by horns and worked vigorously on shedding the flab and reorganizing itself internally as well as externally. Retail bid goodbye to the traditional siloed structuring of channels and departments and made way for omnichannel retailing, thereby making an attempt to design their business around the customer experience.  The sector also worked intricately and thoughtfully; face-lifting the interiors of their stores, to provide an ambiance that is aesthetically persuading as well as conveniently appealing to the customer walking into the store. Consequently, the new age retail stores boast of free Wi-Fi, providing seamless and enhanced connectivity and beacons in their aisle to help its new age digitally connected customers  make that perfect decision in a jiffy, providing them with personalized offers, giving impetus to real-time trading, in short, transcending their shopping journey into a completely satisfying experience. Technologies like geo-fencing, in-store Wi-Fi, radio frequency identification (RFID) and cross-channel attribution increasingly caught the attention of the retailer to enhance their understanding of the customer journey.

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Echoing mobile mantra

With smartphones reaching the hands of 2 billion consumers across the world in 2016, mobile device has ushered in an era of consumer technology. According to Gartner, the global smartphone penetration per capita is on a rise from 9.6 percent in 2011 to 31.3 percent in 2016. This statistic once again, strongly reverberates an intrinsic social phenomenon worldwide, the need of the people to be connected without a disruption, access information on the go, and the ease of decision making. Evidently the mobile mantra is redefining user’s reach, experience, and convenience. The widespread adoption of smartphones has, in turn, led to; an evolution of location-based technologies such as Geospatial and Proximity; increasingly blurred the lines between digital and branding strategies resulting in creating innovative adverts and push messages, tailor made for consumers, and a paradigm shift to creating a niche customer experience away from the traditional way of quick, short-term customer acquisition and individual sales. Our blog New way to mobile make inroads into the innovating world of mobile technology. Also read Mobiles redefining customer engagement.

Embarking on personal journey

It was time people-centric retail models became mainstream. The goal of relationship marketing is to focus on building stronger loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than on quick, short-term customer acquisition and individual sales. This helps companies develop strong, emotional customer connections to their brands that drive word-of-mouth promotions and lead generation.

In all the technological breakthroughs achieved  and digital marketing strategies designed, one thing that remained unanimously at the concentric of all the endeavors of the marketers and business was effective customer engagement, experience and convenience. Geolocation software and Proximity marketing gained  global prominence because of their potential to provide greater insight into consumer behaviors by tracking the buyer’s journey, measuring sentiment, understanding preferences  and finally matching this behavior with tailor made personalized shopping experience; subtly leading to enhanced user experience, increased revenues and brand loyalty. As a matter of fact, Gartner reports 89% of Business will inadvertently focus more on Relationship marketing.

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Demolishing the Silo

It was time businesses and marketers ditched their fragmented approach while designing a strategy or adopting a technology and focused on the intent of delivering a wholesome exhilarating experience by integrating their efforts across platforms.  Sophisticated technologies and the co-dependence of digital and branding strategies in turn, are helping us transit to an integrated customer focus system.

Proximity precedence

Last but not least, 2016 also saw Proximity technologies, strategies and services finding its place under the sun. Proximity ultimately powered and enabled the business to  redefine its competency and leverage Proximity to catch up on the latest trends. Proximity brought in enhanced and effective nuances of customer engagement and experience to the forefront of the business. Proximity placed customer relationship under the spotlight of a business, thus bringing in customer trust and loyalty and a relationship for a lifetime.

On the promise of nurturing a long relationship with its partners, here’s the Proximity tree, an engaging emblem of Proximity MX, wishing all a very Happy & Engaging 2017!