Transforming the
Fan Experience
Bringing together location context, intelligence and mobile engagement!
Keeping fans coming back to the stadium with Proximity MX
Most people agree that exhilaration of watching your favorite sports team in action along with thousands of screaming fans is truly unmatched. But with easy access to big screen high definition television, it’s becoming harder than ever to lure fans away from their favorite living room couch and get them to spend large sums of money to watch a game live at the stadium.
Location-based technology like Proximity MX has the potential to significantly enhance the stadium experience to keep fans coming back for more. Already, a number of stadiums offer free WiFi to cater to the ‘always online’ population because fans, especially millennials, are known to exit the stadium during half-time just because they don’t have internet connectivity
Proximity MX allows stadiums to engage with fans like never before. It allows you to identify and track each fan from the moment they enter the stadium or even the parking lot. This provides rich data that can be analyzed to derive powerful insights into the behavior of each fan and get a view of how fans move across the stadium.
While several stadiums and leagues have their native apps, Proximity MX brings at-location capability which promises a much richer experience than what an app can achieve. Right from helping fans to locate the closest parking spots to offering paid upgrades to enabling food and beverage purchases, location based technology can enhance the experience greatly compared to in-app transactions.
Customized real-time
Fans can receive information based on their location within the stadium. For example, they can not only find the nearest restroom, but can also see how crowded it is at any given time.
Crowd management
and security
With a real-time view of how crowds are dispersed within the stadium, stadiums are better equipped to monitor and guide crowd movement, especially during emergencies.
With Proximity MX, stadiums can supplement revenue through food, beverage and merchandise sales as well as advertising
Creating opportunities
to delight fans
Imagine the delight a fan will experience if he receives a message saying, “Quick! Look to your right. Cam Newton just dropped by to say hello!” Such an experience is possible with Proximity MX.
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