Digital Enhancement
of Physical Stores
Bringing together in store retail analytics and mobile engagement!
Store is an Experience Center
Today’s customers like to use stores more as an ‘experience center’. Their expectations are centered around mobile in-store guidance to locate products, explore offers and promotions, order online and pick at a store and mobile-enabled faster checkouts.
How can Proximity MX
help your business?
Proximity MX enables at-location, mobile-personalized engagement at a store by automatically detecting and proactively engaging smartphone users.

This means:
Smooth and seamless multichannel engagement with customers upon arrival at store using WiFi, BLEs or GPS.

Personalized digital experience based on who the shopper is, with his/her preferences based on relevant historic interactions at the store they’re currently in.

Retailers can effectively drive at-location loyalty (repeat business) and see increase in mobile app adoption, on-board more customers to loyalty programs, promote products and delight loyal customer at locations with offers & rewards through proximity based personalized marketing outreach.
Our 3 Undeniable Advantages
Proximity MX empowers retailers to deliver better and more personalized engagement in real time to customers in a store by helping them in these 3 ways:
Gain valuable insights on location based customer behavior
Notifying businesses about customers at particular spots to help you make real-time business decisions
Enable sending of proximity based notifications like coupons and offers
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