July MX

July MX Platform consists of the following components;

  • MX Modules: The building blocks that form mobile experiences
  • MX Recipes: Use cases or examples of mobile experiences categorized by industry
  • MX Studio: Drag and drop editor that is used to create mobile experiences
  • App X: The SDK for iOS & Android Apps to embed dynamic mobile experiences created in the MX Studio
  • Dev MX: The development environment for MX modules

MX Modules

Mobile development modules are the core of the platform and serve as building blocks of mobile experiences. The MX Modules are complete and independent units of experiences that run individually or along with other modules. They include the following aspect of a mobile experience;

  • Integration and caching of data or content
  • Device specific functionality including location, push, camera
  • Unique mobile first functionality like check in, targeting, scanning
  • Click, touch or gesture based user interaction based on the device
  • Content transformation specific to the device display and multimedia capabilities
  • User experience flows to complete a task optimized for the specific mobile device

These atomic mobile experiences are highly configurable and provide the ability to vary parameters including style, configurations, flows and data sources.

Through this mobile website development platform, customers drag and drop these modules to create a mobile experience to meet their specific business use case. Once ready these mobile experiences are launched instantly without testing or the need to provision, monitor and scale infrastructure to run them.

July MX Platform has over 75 out-of-the-box MX Modules with new ones added often.

Out-of-the box modules include;

  • UI building blocks like images, text, navigation
  • Content building blocks like video, news feeds, product catalogs
  • Commerce building blocks like payment and data capture
  • Social building blocks like share and Like, Tweet
  • Mobile logic like location and contacts
  • Personalization building blocks like favorites and recommendations

MX modules are pre-tested and are provisioned in the July MX cloud runtime and are monitored and scaled automatically. The platform is extensible and customers can also build MX modules based on their specific needs using Dev MX

MX Recipes

July MX allows businesses to enable many internal and external stakeholders like marketing teams, creative agencies, web developers, designers, IT teams and corporate groups to directly control or participate in creating mobile experiences.

To ensure these stakeholders with varied backgrounds and experience in mobile are productive, July MX ships with Recipes for specific verticals and its respective business objectives. Users can choose to create mobile experiences based on the Recipes available or start from a blank slate.

MX Studio

July MX Studio is an easy to use creative environment that allows users to drag and drop to create mobile experiences. Users can preview and publish instantly making their mobile sites and apps accessible across over 8000 devices globally. Since these mobile experiences are created using out-of-the-box MX modules they do not require testing or the need to provision, monitor and scale infrastructure to run them.

The generally available version of the July MX Studio is the fourth generation of the product, strengthened to meet the needs of small and large organizations with distributed workflows and controls.

App X

App X enables mobile experiences created in the MX studio to be dynamically launched in native iOS & Android Apps. Once the App X SDK is integrated with the app, mobile experiences can be launched, removed, changed or updated through the July MX Studio. Businesses do not need to rewrite native app code, submit to the app store or go through re-certification. This enables business users and non-technical users closest to your customers to create and manage mobile experiences. They are not limited by typical app development cycles.

Dev MX

The July MX mobile website development platform includes a Module Development Environment to build, test and deploy MX Modules. The Eclipse based development environment is operated by July's certified development partners to build custom modules. July MX customers can enroll for Dev MX certification.