Re-imagining Guest Experiences
Bringing together location context, intelligence and mobile engagement!
The Impact on Guest Experiences and Hotel Revenues with Proximity MX!
Hotels are struggling to deliver engaging guest experiences that move beyond features, products and processes by creating a positive relationship derived from engagement enabled apps, personalization and quality guest experiences.
Re-imagine Guest Experience with Proximity MX !
Proximity MX enables you to fit your products into your guests’ mobile lifestyles and adapt to their technological demands and preferences. It helps recognize guests as they enter the property, greets them in a personalized manner, and helps provide them with personalized, relevant local area information and shopping offers, on-property offers, restaurant and activity recommendations based on past behavior.It can allow guests to unlock doors or enable certain services; map guests to their loyalty programs and offer membership based services. We’re seeing the rise of the ‘digital’ traveler, who not only wants customized information, but is also looking for services that promote a degree of self-sufficiency. Services such as mobile check-in, seamless connectivity across platforms and devices are considered the norm, rather than luxury.
Since messages can be customized for each user, it presents a great avenue for retailers to advertise specific offers to visitors based on their location or purchase history or other demographics.
Imagine you walk up an individual guest, greet her by name and acknowledge her preferences. It also enables personalization in the true sense because the hotel can deliver per-ordered items/services to guests as soon as they arrive. Talk about customer delight!
And remember positive guest experiences lead to profitability; because happy guests can help ensure that hotel revenues remain healthy!!
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