We help acquire and engage customers at your physical business locations
Founded in 2001, we are pioneers in mobile experience and engagement platforms. Through a process of continuous innovation we have stayed ahead of the curve in a fast changing mobile landscape. We continue to rapidly evolve and grow supporting our customers – some of the best known brands in the world- through cutting-edge technologies, unmatched scalability and reliability.

An award winning and a preferred mobile platform partner for enterprises across the globe, we are bringing together disparate elements of the mobile ecosystem – network infrastructure providers, service providers, OEMs/phone OS platforms, and most importantly, the business owners. Our Proximity MX platform, revolutionizing location based services, is a result of this journey.
Our journey of continuous innovation in the fast changing mobile landscape.
Mobile 4.0
LBS & Insights (Enterprise Controlled)
In the current era of connected world where the gap between physical and digital world is diminishing, enterprises are looking at delivering more relevant, targeted and timely engagements to customers on their mobile devices at physical business locations. No customer engagement strategy can be truly effective unless it includes the ‘physical space’ component and ties it in with the online/mobile component. This, we believe, has been the missing piece of the mobile customer engagement puzzle.

Our latest offering, Proximity MX, is meant to address this very gap. Proximity MX enables enterprises to provide contextually relevant communication to customers at the right time, right place, and right channel (SMS, EMAIL, APP, WiFi splash page configured by rules triggered intelligently by WiFi, BLE, GPS signals) as well as gain actionable digital intelligence in their physical spaces.

Powered by our patent pending technology, WiFi Beacon™, Proximity MX & JMX are built on a decade of experience and knowledge gained by helping global enterprises transform the way they engage with their customers!
Mobile 3.0
Mobile First and Omni-channel
The world of mobile firsts and omni-channel where user experience is driving technology. In this era, we continued to revolutionize how companies build mobile experiences through our innovative technologies and platforms:

July MX (JMX) : Our revolutionary July MX platform allows enterprises to transition from the slow, expensive, developer-centric approach of mobile website and app development to a cloud-based, rapid, self-authoring real-time model instead. Delivering dynamic experiences on a weekly, daily or hourly basis and keeping up with the dynamic pace of current global events.

WiFi MX: Location specific experience for businesses to engage with visitors on their mobile devices through WiFi. In the era of reverse showrooming, WiFi MX is the future where we bring the power back to brick and mortar enterprises across retail, sports, transportation, entertainment, healthcare and banking to engage with visitors and incept a deeper conversation at the physical business locations.
Mobile 2.0
App Revolution
This year marked an era of mobile revolution with the launch of the iPhone and the App Store ecosystem. We also marked our own revolution by unveiling our cloud based do-it-yourself July Mi platform. With ready-made built-in modules, companies could quickly develop, deploy and manage their mobile sites and apps. As the app revolution flourished, it provided a way for businesses to communicate with customers directly through the app.
Mobile 1.0
Back during a primitive universe where dinosaurs in the form of PC web rendered across the keypad controlled screens of mobile devices, we began our humble operations out of a garage in San Francisco. It was back then that our founding team pioneered the creation of a mobile Internet platform over messaging. It was the first of its kind in the world and has since then we have had many industry firsts to our credit.​
Management Team
Meet the July’s management team that consists of entrepreneurs and industry experts.

B.J. Arun
B.J. Arun is a successful serial entrepreneur who brings over 25 years of leadership experience in the Information Technology industry. Prior to joining July Systems, Arun founded California Digital in San Jose, CA in 1994 and ran the company profitably since its inception.

Arun orchestrated the acquisition of the assets of VA Linux Systems(Nasdaq: LNUX) in 2001 which catapulted California Digital into a market leadership position in the space of Linux based High Performance Computing and related software services. Under his leadership, California Digital deployed North America and Europe’s fastest Supercomputer ‘Thunder’ at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs in 2004.

Arun also co-founded and was formerly CEO of Librato, a San Francisco based provider of complete solutions for monitoring and understanding the metrics that impact business at all levels of the stack. Librato was acquired by Solar Winds (NYSE: SWI) in January 2015.

Arun is a member of the Board of Directors of TiE, The Indus Entrepreneurs, a not-for-profit global network of entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship since 1994. He is currently serving his second term as Convener for TiEcon 2016, the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs (5,000+ attendees, 200+ speakers).

In addition to various awards and recognitions, Arun was awarded the prestigious ‘Karnataka Rajyotsava Day Award’ by the Chief Minister of Karnataka (India) on November 1st, 2004.

Rajesh T.S. Reddy
Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur and innovator focused on the mobile space. An early proponent of the idea that mobile would fundamentally redefine our lives, Rajesh’s companies have tried to catalyze and leverage that promise.

Formerly he was Founder & CEO of Unimobile Inc. which developed the world’s first mobile internet messaging platform and was later acquired by VeriSign. During his tenure the company conceptualized and created the world’s first global internet messaging network across 500 mobile operators in 130 countries and was deployed by enterprises such as Motorola, Citibank, and Cisco etc.

He was named among MIT – Technology Review’s Global TR 100 innovators and holds multiple patents in mobile technologies. He was also awarded the Golden Mouse award for contributions to Internet.

As Founder & President of July Systems Rajesh has been instrumental in creating a global mobile internet platform company with a service footprint in over 150 countries, reaching over hundred million users and driving billions of transactions annually. July’s platform powers the mobile business of some of the largest brands in the world including ESPN, CNN, Toys R Us, Intel, LVMH, NFL, Unilever, NBC Universal and CBS.

Simon Wilson
Simon provides financial consulting services to July Systems, bringing with him over 30 years of financial, operational and strategic positions successfully running, growing, financing, buying and selling both public and private software companies. Simon has recently served on a number boards and advisory committees of venture-backed and public software companies, including Endace, CincyTech USA, M86 Security and Rootstock.

Simon previously held CEO, CFO and Corporate Development roles in a range of private and public software companies across the digital media, internet security, and ERP space. Prior to that Simon was a partner in KPMG’s U.S. Corporate Finance Practice, where he specialized in providing advice on corporate development strategy and M&A services to software and IT services companies.

Vikas Murthy
Vikas Murthy is the force behind July Systems’ groundbreaking innovations and has been a member of July Systems since its inception in 2001. As CTO and the head of technology and product development, he follows his own brand of agile development methodology to create cutting-edge products that adapt quickly to customers’ changing needs.

Murthy has over 17 years of experience in the managed mobile services space, much of it as a chief technology officer. Before joining July Systems, he spent four years as CTO at Unimobile (now part of VeriSign), where he oversaw the creation and deployment of the world’s first mobile Internet messaging platform. During this period, he also oversaw the development of a virally propagated mobile instant messaging service, which gained over a million users.

Kelvin Rowlette
Kelvin is Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer. He is responsible for developing new business segments and oversees July’s strategic partnerships in multiple areas. He plays a pivotal role in working with clients to create some of the industry’s most compelling mobile internet and cross platform mobile applications.

Kelvin has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience with extensive focus on telecommunications, sports and enterprise solutions.

Kelvin joined July Systems with extensive international experience, having created strong alliances to build out the IP infrastructure and services during the growth of the internet and .com business. He likens the current growth of mobile to the challenges and opportunities of the 90’s and believes the opportunities for mobile will be even greater.

Prior to July Systems, Kelvin has held executive level positions at blue chip industry leaders like Sun Microsystems and Amdocs, and innovative start-ups including Select Technology and The Broadband Advisory Group.

Kelvin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from University of New Hampshire, Plymouth and completed graduate studies in Business Management from Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kelvin is based in San Francisco.

Nitesh Trikha
Nitesh Trikha is the Senior Vice President, Products at July Systems. He is responsible for leading product strategy, pricing and GTM approach. He plays a key role in working with customers and partners to create industry’s most advanced technology products. His current focus is on launching ProximityMX as the market making LBS middleware cloud platform.

Nitesh brings 20+ years of in-depth industry experience and an expertise in building software platforms, composite software solutions and components. In his last role at Cisco as CTO & Chief Architect for Vertical Solutions Business Unit he was responsible for Leading Technology Strategy, Architecture and Platforms that serve the business needs for Industry Business Solutions and Industry Exchanges. He led Industry Solution Group’s Incubation & Innovation team responsible for creating prototypes proving the concepts via structured market trials leading to creation of many successfully launched & Industry Award Winning Cisco Software Solutions and platform stacks like Remote Expert Smart Solution, Cisco Patient Connect Solution, Network Embedded HTML5 Browser Platform (COBRA), Cisco Interactive Services Solution, Cloud Software Management Platform, Enterprise Mobility Service Platform (EMSP) & Services Exchange (B2B Cloud) Platform generating a multimillion dollar revenues.

During his career path at Cisco, Nitesh successfully led creation & deployment of StadiumVision Solution at New York Yankees and Cowboys Stadiums paving way for maturity of the solution with current install base of 200+ worldwide venue. Nitesh was also founding member of Application Oriented Networking Business Unit at Cisco creating application aware networking paradigm via AON product & services offerings.

Early in his career he worked at the Duet Technologies Inc as well as Wipro Systems donning variety of technical roles. During his career he has developed number of system and software platforms & products including Industry’s first ATM Network Emulator Software which was industry leading ATM Network Emulation Test Tool and also IP QoS Policy Manager.

Patents: 1. Application #: 20060146879 Class: 370471000 (USPTO). Title: Interpreting an application message at a network element using sampling and heuristics.
2. Application #: 990501, Pending. Title: HTML5 Device Tags to control operations of IoT Devices.
3. Application #: 990515, Pending. Title: HTML5 Network Service Tags for controlling IoT Networks.
4. Application #: 992726, Pending. Title: IoT Context-Aware Device Driven Tracking.

Vivek Menon
Vivek Menon is Vice President, Sales and is responsible for taking to market July’s mobility products and solutions. As a mobile partner, July helps support businesses through the entire lifecycle of designing, launching, managing and scaling mobile experiences with a combination of its industry leading Products, Platforms and Services.

Prior to July Systems, Vivek was the Head of Sales at Sourcebits Inc., a global expert in mobile strategy, design and development. An early member of the Sourcebits team, he was instrumental in transitioning the company from a start-up, to being the Sequoia funded leader in app development, all the way through its 2014 acquisition by Globo PLC.

A quintessential millennial, Vivek is fascinated by everything mobile and how the application landscape is creating an avalanche of disruption. He draws his energy from an adrenaline fueled start-up environment and helping create innovative and uncompromising tech products

Vivek has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management with a B. Tech degree in Electronics & Communication.
B.J. Arun
Rajesh T.S. Reddy
Simon Wilson
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